Professional Imagemaker – 2010 Issues

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Jerry Ghionis - Societies’ Photographer of the Year 2009February-March 2010
In this issue:
Convention 2010 Report
Photographer of the Year Results
16×20 Competition
Societies’ Trade Winners
Doug Gordon’s Big Red Bus
Ron Pybus
John Swannell
Norman Phillips on Lighting
Windows 7 Review
Exposure Measurement
Nikon D3S
Nikon D700, 70–200mm f2.8
OnOne Suite 5
Epson 3880
Epson Hot and Cold Pressed Papers
Kozo Paper
PermaJet Ultra Pearl Paper
Paper Reports Summary
Eizo CG 243W Monitor
Big L Challenge

Cover Picture: Jerry Ghionis – Societies’ Photographer of the Year 2009

Richard Martin - Landscape Photographer of the YearApril-May 2010
In this issue:
Focus Report
World Press Awards
WPPI Report
Doug Gordon
Ron Pybus
Terry Hewlett on Weddings
McGillicuddy Big Dog Part 5
Meet Joe Smith
Maltese In Cornwall
Jon Ashton Photographing Garden Birds
How To Buy A Lens
Oz Kharawala – Nikon D3S on Ice
Gallagher in Colour
Richard Martin, Personal Work
Norman Phillips One Light
PermaJet – The Full Range
A Bridge Too Far

Cover Picture: Richard Martin – Landscape Photographer of the Year

Jason BeetJune-July 2010
In this issue:
John Denton – Members Days
Michael Ayers on Copyright
Adam Alex and Nick Ghionis
Jane Conner-ziser – Adobe CS5
Norman Phillips on Marketing
Jim Chamberlain, Hon Fellow
Michael Ayers on Competitions
Winifred Whitfield
Art Suwansang – Adobe Lightroom
Sharpening Methods
Frances Litman
Outdoor Gear and Tripod Test
Colour Confidence Visit and Eizo 243W
Gallagher – Chords of Grey
Montizambert on Cut-outs
Canon Pixma Pro9500 Mark II
Fotospeed Four Barytas

Cover Picture: Jason Beet

Julia BoggioAugust-September 2010
In this issue:
The Societies’ Skills Training Report
Events Photography – Mike Orr
Skills – Fashion and Glamour – Marko Dutka
Julia Boggio – The Cover Shoot
Chris Grey – Soft Retro Lighting
Angelique Duffield – Across the Pond
McGillicuddy Big Dog 6
Sigma 50-500mm – Jon Ashton
Photoshop 4 Beginners Curves & Levels
Gallagher Dodge & Burn
Soft Proofing
Computing – The State of the Union
Booq Carry Bags
Sunsniper Review
Apple iPhone – Richard Walton
Art Suwanthang – Lightroom 3
Syl Arena – Canon Speedlighting
Jim Chamberlain – You need a plan
Chris Azzopardi on Art
Norman Phillips – Relationships
Craig Minielli – Environmental Portraits
Kevin Casha – A Kuwait Experience
Montizambert on Lighting
David Beckstead – Bridal Model Shoots
Andrew Williams –Inspired by Flowers
Lyve Canvas and Glamour Gloss

Cover Picture: Julia Boggio

John BaikieOctober-November 2010
In this issue:
Photokina Report
Roy Packer LSINWP
Mathew Neve, Copyright
Angelique Duffield
Frances Litman
Sergio Muscat
Nik Pekridis
Extreme Macro
DSLR Video – Giles Christopher
Vista To Windows
Art Suwansang
Corel Painter – Carol Tipping
Jane Conner-ziser on Photoshop
Greg Preston – Las Vegas
Tracey Harper
Sofie Louca & Paul Kariolides
John MacRae
Harman Hahnermuhle Papers
PermaJet Distinction
PermaJet Ultra Pearl – Update
Album Design – David Simm, Aled Oldfield, Khara Plicanic

Cover Picture: John Baikie

Tom LeeDecember 2010-January 2011
In this issue:
Sergio Muscat Fellowship
McGillicuddy Big Dog
Photoshop Brushes
Wacom Intuos 4 Wireless
Angelique Duffield
Jorgen Brandt
Retro and Pin-up Portraiture
Pin Up Portraiture – Sue Altenburg
Hollywood Portraiture – Tom Lee
Bowens Streamlite Review
Sigma 85mm f1.4 Review
Lisa Beaney – The Apprentice
Charlie Kaufman on Click
Michael Turner – Child Portraiture
John Denton in the Med
Charles Zamitt – Wedding Business
Stuart Barry – DSLR Videography
Art Suwansang – Lightroom 3
Nicole and Ralf Obermann

Cover Picture: Tom Lee

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