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The Societies Fellowship Qualifications

Gary Hill FSWPP

Fellowship – Print Submission

Fellowship of the ‘Societies’ is the highest distinction and recognises you as a master of your craft, able to create work of the highest standard both technically and artistically. It is essential that applicants take serious advice from a recognised Mentor at the level of Fellow to ensure that the application is at the highest level of content and presentation. If in doubt please contact head office for advice.

Categories of Fellowship

FSWPP – Fellow of The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers
FSISLP – Fellow of The Society of International Sport and Leisure Photographers
FSINWP – Fellow of The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers
FSITTP – Fellow of The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers
FSIMPP – Fellow of The Society of International Media and Press Photographers
FSICIP – Fellow of The Society of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers
FSISEP – Fellow of The Society of International School and Event Photographers
FSIFGP – Fellow of The Society of International Fashion and Glamour Photographers

Print submission for Fellowship – Our highest accolade

A submission of 20 prints is required at 20×16” mounted on to board no thicker than 8mm.

Qualification deferral is 12 weeks.

Images must show be of excellent saleable work and be above the standard expected with professional practice. Judges are looking for Excellent use of imagination, skill and technique in most applicable elements (see What are the Judges looking for? For a full list of elements) in a minimum of 16 out of the 20 images submitted, with the remaining 4 images reaching the requirements of Associate level for the panel to be passed. For this level of qualification we require the images ‘sit together’ as a body of work representative of the photographer’s unique style, creativity and skills. Fellowship Qualification submissions are usually a personal project shot by the entrant specifically for the purpose of presenting the images for assessment.

Whilst we accept Licentiate and Associate submission’s both digitally and in the form of printed panels, Fellowship panels must be submitted in the form of 20, 20×16 inch mounted prints. Please contact Terrie Jones to enquire as to the next Qualification Assessment Day.

Next Assesment Days-
Tuesday 26th September 2023
Wednesday 27th September 2023

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