Professional Imagemaker – 2008 Issues

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Stuart Bebb - Photographer of the Year 2007February-March 2008
In this issue:
Convention Report
Photographer of the Year
Ron Pybus
Cliff Mautner, DWF
Giotto Reviews
onOne Software
Projectors, Tom Lee, Ian Stewart
John Baikie, Caithness Class
Trash The Dress, Sofie Louca and Paul Karaolides
Nikon D3 Mike McNamee, Tom Lee, Paul McMullin
Hasselblad, Paul McMullin
Dave Montizambert
Calibration Matters
Paul Gallagher Monochrome Printing
Nik Color Fx Pro 3.0, Martin Grahame-Dunn
Portrait Professional 6
Innova Papers
The Photographic Organiser, Gary Galt
Doug Gordon

Cover Picture: Stuart Bebb – Photographer of the Year 2007

Ryan ShembriApril-May 2008
In this issue:
Focus on Imaging 2008
Spring Fair
Ron Pybus
Doug Gordon
Amy Turner
Ryan Shembri
Apple 30” Display
Mike Williams, Lighting
Portrait Professional
Joe Smith– Personal Work
Lukman Sinclair – Epson 7880
Corel x4 Graphics Suite
Design Crew 3 Priestley College
Paul McMullin
Paul Gallagher
Dave Montizambert
Indigo Printing – Photobooks
Ken Skulte
Suzette Allen, Ornaments
Permajet Canvas
Matt Papers
Hahnemühle Bamboo
Harman Matt Papers
Fotospeed Platinum Matt

Cover Picture: Ryan Shembri

John BaikieJune-July 2008
In this issue:
Norman Phillips on Image
PTO – Paul Callaghan
Malta & Dubai Tours
Ron Pybus
DWF John Michael Cooper
Big Computers 3 – Mark McNamee
The Learning Game
Mike Williams on Lighting
Softlite Attachments – Tom Lee
Delkin Router – Tom Lee
HP 9180 Printer Review
Lightroom – Sean McCormack
Mark Cleghorn
X-Rite ColorMunki
Paul Gallagher Glen Etive
Sigma 150 and 180mm Macro Test
Canon 1Ds MkIII
Canon 500m f4 IS Lens
Hahnemühle Canvas
Andrew Williams on Panoramas
Doug Gordon

Cover Picture: John Baikie

John EdgarAugust-September 2008
In this issue:
Nikon D700 First Look
Rocco Ancona and Tero Sade
Martin Shembri European Tour
PTO – Jim Lowe
DWF – members featured
Canon 1D MkIII Part 2
Michael Ayers
David Creedon Ghosts
Damien Lovegrove on Fashion
OnOne Plug-in Suite
Mark Cleghorn Confetti & Lace
Kevin Kubota
John Baikie
Free Software Options
Paul Gallagher
Andrew Berend – Photo-editing
Jane Conner-ziser – Painter
How much a 10×8?
Continuous Ink Systems

Cover Picture: John Edgar

Tracey MillingsOctober-November 2008
In this issue:
Nikon D90
Ron Pybus
Average Wedding Cost
Yerbury Confidential
Eric Howard
Andy Astbury on Nature
Mark McNamee on Computing & Monitors
Nik Silver Efex pro
Epson 7900 First Look
Proofing Revisited
Aperture 2 – Uzair Kharawala
Fisheye Lenses – Jon Jenkins
Canon G9 Compact
Paul McMullin/Tom Lee – Aerial Masts
Dave Montizambert – 7
Museo Paper Range
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta and Ultra Smooth
Portrait Professional 8
Doug Gordon
Mario Acerboni Album Design

Cover Picture: Tracey Millings

Seamus CostelloeDecember 2008-January 2009
In this issue:
Irish Convention
Creative Pro Expo
Joe Smith
Malta Seminars
Jane Conner-ziser Seminars
Ron Pybus
Fujifilm ESP
Boudoir Photography
Jørgen Brandt, Sue Altenburg, Faye and Trevor Yerbury, Mark LaurieJuli-Ann Cialone
Jon Jenkins
Geoff Waugh
Michael Hayes
Jane Breakwell
SPC Album Design
Jane Conner-ziser – Story Books
Doug Gordon

Cover Picture: Seamus Costelloe

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