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Benro Launches Three New ‘SupaDupa’ Monopods

·      SupaDupa by name, SupaDupa by nature, with a host of features specifically designed for travel, sports and wildlife photography

·      Offering enhanced precision, SupaDupa carbon fibre monopods are versatile, portable yet stable and will provide superior performance; eliminating wobble and increasing stability

·      Host of unique features, designed in consultation with Benro’s professional customers, to realise a genuinely class-leading range that presents innovative new solutions to monopod users

Benro announces the arrival of three new ‘SupaDupa’ Monopods, the SupaDupa MSD36C, MSD46C and flagship SupaDupa PRO MSDPL46C.

Robust carbon fibre materials, Benro quality twist-lock systems and clever foot design combine to provide photographers with a solid and robust monopod range. Thoughtful details such as a unique CNC machined flip-lock enabling fast, smooth adjustment to the height of the top section of the monopod make the SupaDupa range intuitive and pleasing to operate. Fine tuning of monopod height is made easy, even when shooting at speed or under pressure.

The entry level MSD36C features many unique design elements, while being the most portable, collapsing down to just 42cm. Fully extended it stands at 1.64m and features a metal spiked foot for ultimate stability in uneven terrain. An included detachable rubber foot provides enhanced stability when shooting on solid ground.

Next in the range is the MSC46C, created for photographers requiring more height from their monopod; extending to an impressive 1.83m and collapsing to a compact 45.5cm. The MSC46C adds a fully waterproof shell and a unique round rotating foot with v-shaped metal bearing inside, to further aid stability and smooth operation when panning the monopod following a moving subject. This design also reduces uneven wear on the foot, extending the life of the monopod and maintaining performance. An equally robust spiked foot is included for use when shooting on particularly loose terrain such as in woodlands or on coastal shoots.

Finally, the flagship SupaDupa PRO MSDPL46C adds a levelling base that allows 20 degrees of tilt movement in all directions and also offers 360-degree rotation, featuring a built-in pan scale to accurately and precisely track moving subjects while shooting. Its built-in levelling ball and bubble level combine to make maintaining a level shot easier than ever before, no matter the terrain. Featuring the same waterproof exterior and innovative foot design found in its mid-range counterpart, this model extends to 1.57m and retracts to a still highly compact 48.2cm.

The SupaDupa PRO’s Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate enables fast and simple attachment and removal of kit, while safeguarding features stop accidental release even when working under pressure. It also makes this model compatible with a host of other shooting essentials including Benro’s ArcaSmart 70 and binocular clamp. A sliding adjustable plate with scale makes balancing heavy kit easy, even when working with the largest of telephoto lenses. The model also features an extra-long wrist strap which can be extended and used as a shoulder strap for carrying the monopod when fully extended, or for stabilising when using your weight against the monopod when shooting.

All three monopods feature a carry-case with shoulder strap, increasing portability.

SupaDupa creator, Benro’s Louie Lu explains: “As a sports photographer I know the challenges faced daily when shooting in a fast-paced environment. Many a time I have been bumped on the head by photographers behind me rushing to catch a shot without having the technology at their fingertips to adjust their kit. It’s an experience I’d bet most sports photographers have had at one time or another! One of the main features of the SupaDupa range is a unique flip-lock on the top segment, which enables super-quick, precise adjustments when you need to move fast. This got me thinking what other challenges or limitations we accept for the convenience and flexibility of single-leg operation that many pros need. I set about designing the SupaDupa range, and I think we have solved all those former issues and compromises, and more. This is a monopod range that you can trust as you would a Benro tripod; with reliable, robust operation and no wobble. We’ve packed in a lot of industry-first features designed together with Benro pro partners and customers. I’m calling an end to bumped heads for sports shooters! 

SupaDupa monopods are available now from Benro approved retailers, priced at:

MSD36C Benro SupaDupa Monopod: £110.00 SRP

MSD46C Benro SupaDupa Monopod with panning leg base: £130.00 SRP

MSDPL46C Benro SupaDupa PRO Monopod with panning leg base and levelling platform: £190.00 SRP

Product video:https://youtu.be/eoSbFpxdLEA

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