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Books on every subject

Never think photobooks are just for weddings or family portrait shoots – Bedfordshire’s leading photo laboratory, Ouse Valley Processing, makes photographic books to suit a great range of customer demands.

Pre-wedding engagement and travel shoots, schools and colleges, sports clubs, associations, retirements, anniversary celebrations, centenaries, unusual achievements and awards – all these have been celebrated using OVP real silver halide printed photo books.

The sheer range of hand-crafted cover finishes and printing, embossing or engraving techniques makes an almost limitless number of creative combinations so every book can be unique. 3D design templates let you preview the solid look and feel of your choices.

The photo layout is mastered and previewed using free Album Express Mac or PC software and the size can be anything from pocket size to 20 x 16”.  As presentation is also key OVP can supply from a plain quality black presentation box, to a fully bespoke box to match the photobook,  or carry case upgrades.

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t: 01234 340152  e: help@ovpprinting.co.uk  w: www.ovpprinting.co.uk

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