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KENKO AB600-R AI Flashgun Available now in Canon & Nikon versions

The new Kenko AB600-R is a high-power, AI (Advanced Intelligence) flashgun, full of features including the ability to intelligently calculate the tricky process of bounce-lighting and deliver optimum results, automatically.

Kenko AB600-R

3D Auto Bounce Function
The Kenko AB600-R incorporates an ‘AI’ Auto-Bounce function that automatically takes care of the most difficult part in the shooting process: by calculating and automatically adjusting to the optimum bounce angle, it enables the photographer to concentrate on the artistic part of the process, achieving better results in a more efficient way.

It automatically calculates the ideal angle to bounce light from the wall (left or right), or from the ceiling. With the help of the auto bounce function, the photographer can accomplish a perfect shot with just a single shutter release; no more wasting time thinking and testing the optimal light path during the photo session. This function is invaluable for wedding photographers or anyone shooting portraits, when the photographer has no time for failure.

Auto Lock Function
Allows the photographer to adjust the desired bounce angle, based on the automatically calculated one, in manual mode and lets the system remember this angle when the camera is turned from horizontal to vertical format. This allows the photographer to really focus on composition and interaction with the subject, making the process of getting the ideal shot so much quicker and easier.

Guide Number 60
With a maximum guide number 60 (ISO 100 at 200mm), the Kenko AB600-R has all the power it needs to deal with most scenes and situations.

Master to Slave Flash Angle Remote Control
The built-in radio transmitting and receiving unit allows a master flash to control the bounce angle of the slave flash remotely.

Optical and Radio (2.4GHz) Wireless Control
For off-camera and multiple flash shooting. Sync terminal is also supported.

Auto and Manual Zoom Adjustment
Full range of light coverage angles from 18mm to 200mm focal lengths (18mm achieved when used with the wide diffuser panel).

External Power Supply
The optional BP-1 battery pack supports longer shooting sessions and delivers faster recycling times than the standard power supply of 4xAA alkaline or NiMH batteries.

Firmware Updates
The Kenko AB600-R firmware can be updated via a micro USB port.