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5 Tips for a Perfect Wall Decor Display

If you have a series of photos you wish to hang, there are plenty of great options to display them. In this article we’ll show you some tricks to get the most out of your pictures and make your wall decors look their best.

Hanging Style

Wall Decor Display

You can create a grid, which is a really good idea if photos are of the same size and aspect ratio.

If you have photos of different sizes, you can use a wall guideline on which to place your photos, giving your display a sense of order.

Of course, you can also display your photos as a collage, to avoid a feeling of disorder, try keeping the same distance between each print to give a feeling of unity.

Keep it Consistent

Family Portraiture on Wall

Try to be consistent when you are using a big group of different pictures. There are many ways to achieve that.

You can choose photos using the same topic, so they are related by theme. Besides taking in to account the theme, we can consider the style and colour when hanging the display. If for example we keep the same dominant colours, we reinforce the union of the pictures.

If the photos are different, you can choose Saal’s metallic frame option or add a floating frame to all the photos. This way you create a stylish element that connects them.

Go Large

Large Photo Prints

The impact and effect of a large wall décor creates a visually stunning edition to any room, it can create a focal point and bring interest over a large empty wall.

Go Beyond the Wall

The wall is not the only place to showcase your amazing pictures. You can take advantage of shelves or even the floor as a gallery.

Graphical Elements

Printed Graphics for wall decor

Add a distinctive touch to your composition by using graphical elements. With Saal Digital you’ll find a multitude of options to give that personal look to your wall décor display. From clipart to backgrounds, don’t hesitate to try them out and give a unique touch to your design.

There’s lots of opportunities when it comes to wall art, you can be creative colour, aspect ratio, size, and choose a range of products from canvas, GalleryPrint, Brushed Metal, Acrylic and much more, to make your photos come to life and transform a room.

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