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Fujifilm Launches the New App for the GFX / X Series of Digital Cameras ”FUJIFILM XApp”

FUJIFILM Corporation announces the launch of “FUJIFILM XApp” (XApp), a new app for use with the GFX / X Series of digital cameras. The app will be released for download on May 25, 2023.

The XApp is a new app that connects GFX / X Series digital cameras with a smartphone or tablet device so that users can remotely control the camera and transfer images taken by the camera to the connected device for viewing. It offers an advanced level of wireless communications stability and speed, an improvement from the current “FUJIFILM Camera Remote” app (Camera Remote). The new app’s substantially enhanced usability makes it much smoother to transfer images from a camera to a smartphone / tablet device. Images are transferred along with the shooting information such as the camera and lens used and the location of the photo shoot, which can be viewed in the app. The addition of a function that presents a day’s shooting activities in the form of a photo journal further broadens the appeals of the photographic experience provided by the GFX and X Series.

Fujifilm has worked on broadening the appeals of photography and boosting shooting convenience by offering the GFX / X Series, FUJINON interchangeable lenses and the Camera Remote app. In the latest move, the company has developed the new XApp, featuring enhanced functions and performance, to add greater convenience to users’ photographic experiences.

Compared to the previous Camera Remote app, the XApp provides more stable and faster wireless communications, making photo transfers from a camera to a smartphone / tablet much smoother. All communication operations can be completed on a smartphone / tablet with the exception of the initial bluetooth pairing between a camera and the app. This facilitates simplified operations for enhanced shooting experience.

The XApp allows users to remotely control a camera while checking the image of the camera’s rear LCD monitor on the smartphone / tablet device. Using the new “Backup/Restore” function, users can save camera settings*2 such as Shooting menu and setup configurations in the app. Saved camera settings can be sent and applied to the camera quickly and easily even during a photo shoot.

The XApp’s new functions include “Timeline*3,” which displays each day’s shooting activity data, including the camera and lens used, number of frames taken and shooting locations alongside each of the transferred images in chronological order in the photo journal format. Users can edit titles and notes to create a unique photo journal with a personal touch. Another new function is “Activity*3,” which automatically aggregates and displays the cumulative number of frames taken, the number of times the Film Simulation function is used and other cumulative numbers, making it possible to reflect on past shooting activities along with corresponding photos and data. These functions advocate new ways of enjoying photography.

Fujifilm will continue to develop and provide new products and services to further broaden the joy of photography with the GFX / X Series.

  • *1 Compatible with smartphones and tablet device
  • *2 All camera settings except for network settings and custom white balance settings
  • *3 The Timeline function and the Activity function are not available in some countries and regions as of May 24. To view shooting information with these functions, users need to sign in with the Fujifilm account in their respective place of residence or with social media authentication (Facebook, Apple, Google). Information items to be aggregated are only those for which users have selectively given permission via the app.

For full details see Fujifilms website

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