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Successful Qualification Submissions at the 2023 Convention

Successful Qualification Applicants

A huge Congratulations to the successful submission at the London Photography Convention.

The judging process was held in public, so photographers can watch their assessment process, this in itself is an invaluable learning process.

Kelly Brown successful Fellow submission FSWPP https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Brown158501/

Gary Hughes successful Fellowship submission FSICIP https://sicip.net/quals/Hughes165196/

Iain Poole successful Fellowship submission FSICIP https://sicip.net/quals/Poole140821/

Kris Anderson successful Fellowship submission IFSWPP https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Anderson187577-IFSWPP/

Clare Osborne successful Fellowship submission IFSWPP https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Osborne169782-IFSWPP/

Clare Osborne

Jessica McGovern successful Fellowship submission FSWPP https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/McGovern186857/

Gemma Sains successful Fellowship submission FSWPP https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Sains158560/

Belinda Richards successful Fellowship submission FSWPP https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Richards183768/

Ramon Sammut successful Fellowship submission FSWPP https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Sammut6427/

Stefanie Blochwitz successful Licentiate submission ILSWPP https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Blochwitz187359/

For more information on Qualifications and Mentoring, please see the website.


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  • Congratulations to all the successful panels!..amazing work everyone!…just wanted to say am a little surprised Kelly’s isn’t mentioned?..

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