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Judging School – Successful Submissions

Congratulations to our Photographic Qualification successful applicants from this years Judging School.

Martina Warenfeldt successful Fellowship submission FSWPP
Check out the panel here – https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Warenfeldt172794/

Martina Warenfeldt FSWPP

Tracey Lund successful Fellowship submission FSINWP
Check out the panel here – https://sinwp.com/subs/Lund159343/

Tracey Lund FSWPP

Emma Jane successful Illustrative Associateship submission IASWPP
Check out the panel here – https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Jane162721/

Emma Jane IASWPP

Ross Grieve successful Associate submission ASWPP
Check out the panel here – https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Grieve78294/

Ross Grieve ASWPP

Tianna Jarrett-Williams successful Licentiate submission LSWPP
Check out the panel here – https://swpp.co.uk/improving_your_photography/Jarrett-Williams165150/

Tinna Jarrett-Williams

More on Photographic Qualifications can be found here https://thesocieties.net/qualifications/

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