Benro announces new Bat Series tripods

  • Brand new design with five pre-set leg angles allowing Bat series to be placed in settings that would be impossible for traditional tripods
  • Versatility is the key to this series: quick, multi-level leg adjustment, the ability to seamlessly invert the central column for low level shooting or remove it completely and combine the legs for use in monopod-mode
  • No compromise: super light, super-strong and designed for absolute precision

Benro today announces the launch of new Bat series tripods, a range of six models available in Carbon Fibre or Aluminium and supplied in kits with Benro VX Ballheads. Sporting five pre-set leg angles that enable them to cope easily with even the most demanding of shooting positions, these tripods are designed with versatility, portability and absolute precision at heart.

Uniquely, Bat series tripod legs can be folded back on themselves to lean up against a wall or other uneven or inaccessible surfaces. They can also be individually adjusted for height to cope with steep gradients and uneven terrain. This makes the tripods unparalleled for versatility, enabling them to be used in even the most unconventional and unforgiving of spaces. The dual locking centre column provides extra height while a lengthened locking knob enhances locking strength for ultimate stability.

The new models enable photographers to quickly and seamlessly invert the central column without removing it for low-level shooting. They can also transform into a monopod by removing the centre column and connecting it to one of the removable tripod legs. A choice of sizes and materials ensure the Bat series will be comfortable on any shoot whether out in the wild or in the studio.

Benro has reviewed and refined several elements of tripod design and manufacture in this series, keeping to its tradition of making micro-adjustments to perfect performance based on continual research and development within its labs, alongside customer feedback. Features such as a new casting design to reduce weight, new leg-lock grip design for improved handling and braided carbon fibre composite tubing for increased weight capacity combine in all models to deliver intuitive, simple and sophisticated performance. These refinements will all be felt by photographers alongside more immediately obvious new features.

The series comes in a kit with Benro’s dual-panning VX Ballheads, with an Arca-compatible camera plate for easy, robust connection with almost any DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Three dedicated mounts enable accessories to be quickly and easily attached, while 3-step self-adaptive rubber feet improve tripod stability. Benro’s reverse folding leg design enables tripod legs to quickly fold down for ease of transport and storage. All models are supplied with a carrying bag and an additional set of spiked feet.

Mark Hoskins, Benro Brand Manager at Mac Group Europe explained: ‘These tripods will get the shot wherever you are, but the unique leg angle locks make them the perfect tool for photographers who shoot in confined locations. They combine the best of Benro technologies to keep them lightweight and portable, while also being one of our most versatile and robust models to date. They’re ideal for photographers who will put their kit through a great deal in pursuit of the perfect image, and who don’t want to compromise on performance for portability.”

The new range is available now, priced as follows. Specifications appear below.

  • Benro Bat 05A aluminium tripod + VX20 kit, RRP £190 inc. VAT
  • Benro Bat 15A aluminium tripod + VX20 kit, RRP £205 inc VAT
  • Benro Bat 03C carbon fibre tripod + VX20 kit, £195 inc VAT
  • Benro Bat 05C carbon fibre tripod + VX20 kit, RRP £250 inc VAT
  • Benro Bat 15C carbon fibre tripod + VX20 kit, RRP £260 inc VAT
  • Benro Bat 24C carbon fibre tripod + VX20 kit, RRP, £270 inc VAT
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