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Webinar: Inspiration for Creativity with Adrian and Bergit Barnett

Webinar: Inspiration for Creativity with Adrian and Bergit Barnett

Add value for your clients – grow their business and yours

This webinar is designed to give you new ideas on how to enhance your creativity in photography by using other influences such as film, theatre, literature, music and other cultures and being inspired to stretch out of your comfort zone and go exploring into other areas to find your own unique voice. Inspiration can come from surprising places, and it’s only a question of looking and listening and training yourself to be receptive. This, coupled with sound photographic knowledge, can take your images to new heights and win you new clients for both private and business photography.

Adrian is the son of Film Producer & Director G Ivan Barnett, and grew up surrounded by film and photography equipment, helping his father in his film studio, his portrait studio, darkroom and photographic shop. His experiences with his father have influenced his styles and approaches to photography, and working in advertising in London gave him an insight into producing images which really connect with people to convey a message.

Bergit Barnett grew up in East Germany behind the Berlin Wall but after the collapse of Communism she moved to West Germany to study International Business & Economics in which she achieved a Master’s Degree – skills she uses today to analyse whet her clients really need within their businesses, and providing inspirational and creative solutions to grow the businesses. After marrying Adrian in the UK she joined his photography business with the benefits of her business experience and retrained as a photographer. Together and separately they have enjoyed the advantages of working freely in several countries across the EU.

Wednesday 17th February 2021 – 1PM (UTC)

Live on: The Societies of Photographers (Members Only) Group

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