Secure mobile phone tether system for active lifestyles launched by BLACKRAPID

• WandeR Lanyard tethers securely to mobile phone case – just hook up and go
• Designed for action-packed lifestyles, cycling, hiking, skiing or accident-prone owners
• Wear on the wrist, round the neck, attached to a belt, bag or backpack
• Available as a Lanyard only or in a set with BLACKRAPID TetheR-Tab and robust 3M tape


Active mobile owners involved in rigorous sports, or simply those who are prone to dropping or misplacing their phone, will welcome the launch of the BLACKRAPID WandeR Lanyard. This extra-strong tether ensures that the phone is quick and easy to access, while keeping it safely attached to the user – avoiding the risk of losing their valuable device.

Available for the first time in the UK this month, the WandeR Lanyard comes in in standard (44cm) or long (60cm) lengths, and can be worn round the neck or wrist, or fastened securely to a bag, belt, strap or backpack so the phone is always within reach. Made from highly durable 10mm black nylon webbing and incorporating a 10mm cam lock and 10mm zinc alloy swivel hook, this high quality lanyard can be purchased individually or in a set with a BLACKRAPID TetheR-Tab and 3M double-sided tape. Prices start at £11.00 including VAT.

Best known for its premium camera straps and accessories, BLACKRAPID products are used around the world by professional photographers and filmmakers, who rely on their products to support and safeguard their high-value equipment.

How to use the BLACKRAPID WandeR Lanyard
• Remove the phone from its case
• Place the TetheR-Tab logo face down and align it with the bottom of the case
• Slide the loop through the charging hole in the case
• Return the phone to its case, connect the WandeR Lanyard – and it’s ready to go

Paul Genge of BLACKRAPID UK commented, “We rely on our mobile phones every day, making them one of the most valuable items we possess. Losing or breaking a phone is incredibly inconvenient and expensive, so when engaging in sports, working at heights, travelling, or even just carrying out hectic daily tasks, it makes sense to ensure that our devices are safely tethered and secure. The WandeR Lanyard is affordable and exceptionally straightforward to use. It’s compatible with almost any mobile phone cover and is a small price to pay to prevent unnecessary and costly mishaps.”

Available from, and authorised BLACKRAPID UK stockists.

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