BLACKRAPID introduces Nicole Elliott Camera Sling and Delta customisable straps

  • Unique camera sling strap designed by Nicole Elliott for female photographers delivers comfort, balance and practicality
  • Delta customisable sling combines swivel locking mechanism with patented camera connection for ultimate versatility

BLACKRAPID has added two innovative new products to its extensive range of photographic accessories: the Nicole Elliott Camera Sling and the Delta customisable strap. Both are available from BLACKRAPID authorised stockists and have a suggested retail price of £82.00 and £75.00 including VAT respectively.

BLACKRAPID Nicole Elliott Camera Sling
Designed by renowned American professional photographer, Nicole Elliott, specifically with women in mind, the Nicole Elliott Camera Sling was modelled on a concept that is centuries old. On a trip to Ecuador in 2016, Nicole observed women carrying babies and young children on their backs with a wrap around their shoulders. This natural way of supporting and balancing weight inspired Nicole to create a new type of camera sling that combines functionality, comfort and style. Its light, ergonomic form factor takes the pressure points away from the neck and shoulders by ‘hugging’ the shoulder to distribute the load weight evenly.

Nicole Elliott commented, “Your camera should be an extension of you, not an annoyance to carry. Photographic gear should add to your creative energy – not inhibit it. This strap allows me to concentrate entirely on my work. I can shoot for hours without feeling fatigue, discomfort or pain, allowing full mobility, while making the camera feel virtually weightless.”

Manufactured from durable, water-resistant fabric, the reversible shoulder pad is black on both sides and is fully washable. Designed to keep accessories conveniently accessible at all times, the shoulder piece incorporates two lens cap pouches and two zippered pockets for memory cards, spare batteries, filters and more. Versatile and easily adjustable, the robust 100% nylon strap is suitable for both left- and right-handed users and can be extended up to 160cm in total length, ensuring a perfect fit for any body type.

The Nicole Elliott Camera Sling features BLACKRAPID’s swivel ConnectR (CR-3) and FastenR (FR-5) connection system, as well as front and back spring-loaded, gliding cam locks that secure the camera while the photographer is moving around. A LockStar Breathe cover is included to secure the carabiner and a Camera Safety TetheR ensures additional peace of mind. Available from and authorised BLACKRAPID UK stockists.

Also new in the BLACKRAPID line-up is the Delta Sling, a versatile, comfortable and affordable strap that can be completely personalised to the user’s individual requirements. Combining BLACKRAPID’s swivel locking hardware and its patented camera connection design, this strap provides photographers with rapid access to their kit and full flexibility, allowing them to customise with a variety of accessories and pockets that attach to its daisy chain loops.

Featuring a straight shoulder pad that can be worn on either shoulder, the Delta also incorporates front and back spring-loaded cam locks to secure the camera in place when the user is not shooting. Furthermore, the sling includes a swivel locking CarabineR, a LockStar Breathe cover and FR-5 (1/4-20) connector for extra security and convenience. Fully adjustable, the Delta can be extended to approximately 81cm from shoulder to opposite hip. With the optional ‘Bert Breathe’ accessory, this length can be increased by 38cm. Weighing in at just 162g, the BLACKRAPID Delta Sling is available in two colours: Black or Coyote/Black. Available from and authorised BLACKRAPID UK stockists.

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