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Hasselblad Heroines Continues To Highlight Talented Female Photographers

Hasselblad Heroines
Hasselblad Heroines

Hasselblad proudly continues its second year of Hasselblad Heroines, which highlights various female photographers making their mark in the photographic industry. Kicking off the second-year instalment on 8 March 2020, International Women’s Day, is the first Hasselblad Heroine Swee Oh. Through weekly spotlights over a total of seven weeks, each Heroine will share their experiences in their career, challenges in a typically male-dominated industry, and inspiration in their art through short video interviews. By putting a spotlight on these talented creatives, Hasselblad Heroines hopes to encourage the next generation of female photographers to go against the grain and bring their creative visions to life.

The 2020 Hasselblad Heroines lineup features the following seven photographers:

  • 2016 Hasselblad Master in Architecture Swee Oh based in San Francisco, California, whose professional background in architecture influences her artistic eye; 
  • Hasselblad Ambassador Julia Fullerton-Batten based in London, a fine art photographer renowned for her highly cinematic visual storytelling;
  • 2014 Hasselblad Master in Fashion/Beauty Bara Prasilova from Prague whose conceptual imagery presents surreal scenes using custom props and costumes; 
  • Celia D. Luna, a fashion and portrait photographer based in Miami, who creates colour-rich images influenced by her Peruvian upbringing and the vibrance of life in Florida;
  • Hasselblad X You Grand Prize Winner Clarissa Bonet from Chicago, Illinois, whose fine art photography explores the pedestrian experience of the urban space; 
  • 2016 Hasselblad Master in Portrait Natalia Evelyn Bencicova from Bratislava, whose work constructs compelling narrative scenarios that blur the lines between reality, memory and imagination; 
  • Italian fine art photographer Chiara Zonca based in Vancouver, BC, who explores some of Earth’s most unique landscapes, capturing forms and shapes that feel out of this world. 

“Last year we received a resoundingly positive response to the Hasselblad Heroines series, and we want to continue celebrating artists who represent true creative ingenuity. Since its inception nearly eighty years ago, Hasselblad carries a vested interest in the growth and development of the photographic arts and the nourishment of diverse and innovative creators,” said Marketing Manager Bronius Rudnickas.