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Winner of #BehindTheShot Contest by Datacolor Receives a SpyderX Capture Pro and Photography Workshop worth $1,000.

Datacolor knows that a lot goes into each shot that photographers take, so they decided to showcase the amount of work that goes into these stunning shots that we see around us, the amount of talent, patience and planning.

Running from May to October, Datacolor’s #BehindTheShot campaign asked users to submit images and explain how they achieved their creative vision behind the shot. Each month three winners were picked from entries around the world. The winners received prizes such as Datacolor’s new SpyderX, the Spyder LensCal, Spyder Cube, Spyder Checkr and Spyder Print. The overall winner received not only the monthly prize, but also a SpyderX Capture Pro and photography workshop of their choice worth up to $1,000 to help them advance their photography skills.

Germain Piveteau, winner of #BehindTheShot said: “When I see the pictures I have taken on the wall, I am reminded of the memories behind them, such as the weather conditions at the time, and the amount of time I had to wait to get the shot. Entering the #BehindTheShot contest from Datacolor was the perfect way for me to share the story that was behind capturing the image.

“I did not expect to be the overall winner; the caliber of winning entries was very high! There was a vast variety of different photographs from landscape photography of the Northern Lights, to portrait photography of animals. However, it has given me the confidence to continue sharing the emotions and stories behind the images I take. 

“The prize of a photography workshop and SpyderX Capture Pro is amazing. It will help me advance my photography skills and help my workflow from pre-shoot to post-shoot and everything in between. I would like to thank Datacolor for this opportunity and I look forward to the next campaign that they are running.”

Continuing the theme of sharing the stories and emotion behind photographs, Datacolor is currently running a campaign that allows users to share images that have brought warmth and color into their lives. Patricia Greco, senior marketing manager at Datacolor US said: “With this time of year being all about the holidays, families and the things that bring joy into our lives, throughout the month of December we’ll be sharing some of that color through submissions from our Friends with Vision and employees.”

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