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Thinking out of the box?

Unique craftsmanship in photo packaging has driven a revolution in delivering both digital files and new popular boxes of prints. Wedding and portrait photographers want personalised presentation for the memory sticks and boxes containing prints for their clients to treasure forever.

Photographers looking for top quality USB and photo box products are turning to Ouse Valley Printing, the Bedfordshire family business founded 34 years ago and believed to be the longest-established photo printing lab in the county. They have invested in UV printing and laser engraving/cutting systems which can put colour or images on to all kinds of natural and hi-tech materials, from leather/wooden photo book covers to wooden boxes or metal and acrylic cased memory sticks.

While the choices of USB and print box from some suppliers are becoming restricted and rising in cost, OVP offers a new option for photographers to source the products which can drive their sales. The range of three-dimensional items they can give that signature look expands all the time as new requirements come from their customers. 

To develop your own unique presentation, contact Ouse Valley Printing today, they can also help with photo printing and much more.

Contact information:

t: 01234 340152  e: help@ovpprinting.co.uk  w: www.ousevalleyprocessing.co.uk