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Syrp presents Genie Mini II

The ultimate pocket-sized motion controller

  • Compact panning motion control system with built-in trigger option for move-shoot-move time-lapse.
  • Program complex moves using the App “keyframe editor” to control each axis’s path and its speed.
  • Get ultra-wide-angle panoramic images up to 360 degrees and now introducing multi-row panorama

Syrp Ltd, market leader in motion control, is taking a step further and launches the all-new Genie Mini II. Keeping the core unique elements of the original Genie Mini including form factor and ease of use, Genie Mini II adds a whole new world of possibilities for content creators. They will now have the ability to create keyframed movement and multi-row panorama. Excitingly it will now be compatible with upcoming feature releases that are unheard of in a motion controller of this size and cost, including auto exposure ramping, time-lapse compiler and camera control.

Syrp’s goal is to continue to provide content creators the features and tools needed to create exceptional content and produce amazing films.

Genie Mini II aims to attract a broader audience, from enthusiasts to independent content creators, by loading this simple-to-use tool with key features that will open a realm of creative possibilities for filmmakers and photographers. Genie Mini first generation was Syrp’s first App-controlled device, designed to accommodate for a wider range of cameras for entry-level users including GoPros, all the way up to professional DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. The App was designed with an extremely intuitive graphical user interface including user presets and tutorials to help improve the user’s workflow making set up super simple.

Although this miniature motion controller remains focussed on portability and simplicity, it’s now packed with Syrp’s latest technology, including WiFi, USB-C and Bluetooth 4.2; enabling future app features like camera control, auto exposure ramping and time-lapse compiler*.

Genie Mini II is compatible with the latest Syrp Genie 2 App and includes a more advanced keyframing setup mode in addition to ‘Simple Setup’. This enables content creators to shoot more complex motion control movements by allowing the speed and path of movement to be completely custom.

Also included with this release is Multi-row Panorama, that allows filmmakers and photographers to create high resolution ‘gigapixel’ and 360 VR images when combining two Genie Mini II’s with the Pan Tilt Bracket.

The new Bluetooth 4.2 provides a more reliable and faster connection including the ability to set 10 keyframes rather than 5 and the ability to shoot 5 rows of multi-row panorama instead of 2. In terms of appearance, it has a sharper, sleeker design aesthetic.

Genie Mini II grows with you as a filmmaker and is compatible with the rest of the Syrp product family, like the original Genie Mini, Genie II Linear and Product Turntable. Simply mount it on a Manfrotto or Joby tripod for single axis panning or pan tilt motion. Combine Genie Mini II with the Genie II Linear for up to 3-Axis motion control.

*Not all features are available upon the first release, but free firmware updates will happen regularly.

The Syrp Genie Mini II will be available at RRP £239.95.

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