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Kenro announces Nissin’s award-winning MG10 hammerhead wireless flash

The state-of-the-art MG10 hammerhead flash unit from Nissin was named ‘Best Portable Flash’ at last year’s TIPA World Awards. Not only is it a versatile and powerful tool in its own right but, thanks to its sophisticated Wi-Fi capabilities, it also has the potential to serve as the entry point to an extensive and flexible flash system that offers virtually unlimited possibilities.

, Kenro announces Nissin’s award-winning MG10 hammerhead wireless flash

As the latest product to utilise the award-winning Nissin Air System (NAS), the proprietary wireless TTL communication technology that’s been developed for stable 2.4GHz radio transmission, the MG10 can be remotely triggered and controlled using the Air 10s Commander unit (available separately or as a bundle with the MG10). A single trigger can be used to control up to eight groups of flashguns remotely, with full control over settings in TTL or manual mode. By working in the Open mode it’s also possible for multiple Air 10s units to pair with MG10 strobes, allowing more than one operator to control the same set of strobes.

The advanced technology inside the MG10 ensures that the external motorised zoom head, which covers a range between 24-200mm (and down to 18mm with the supplied diffuser panel), will automatically synchronise with the focal length of the lens in use even when the strobe is used off camera. For the benefit of those working away from the camera position, the NAS also enables the shutter to be fired remotely, using the release button built in to the flashgun’s grip.

The formidable output capability of this flash is demonstrated by the fact that, at ISO 100, it offers a guide number of no less than 80m at 200mm and 47.5m at 35mm, and it’s also equipped with a powerful 8W LED modelling light for studio shoots. Despite these impressive statistics, the MG10 still features a remarkably short recycling time of just 1.5 seconds when powered by two 26650 Li-ion batteries, while this is still only 3.5 seconds when AA batteries are used.

The head itself is fully flexible and can rotate 90 degrees upwards and 180 degrees left or right; the flash is designed with an ergonomic hand grip for handheld use as well as a standard adapter screw underneath for mounting to a tripod, light stand or other accessories. The MG10 is also supplied with an adaptive quick release ‘L’ bracket that can be mounted on the left or the right of the camera for maximum flexibility. 

A further future-proofing feature is a slot for a Micro SD card to enable firmware updates by the user, an addition that will become standard on Nissin strobes from now on. The MG10 is available in Sony, Four Thirds, Nikon, Canon and Fujifilm compatible versions. The standalone price for the Nissin MG10 is £570, while the Air 10s Commander unit sells for £161.94. Bundled together, the two have an SRP of £694.80.
“This innovative offering from Nissin is bringing cutting edge flashgun technology to the market,” comments Paul Kench, Kenro’s managing director. “The MG10 and the Air 10s Commander can be paired simply and in a matter of moments, and the 2.4GHz system is a very stable worldwide standard. By incorporating Nissin’s proven NAS technology, this product simplifies life for the photographer while also opening the door to all kinds of advanced flash techniques.

“It also happens to be an extremely powerful unit and, because it can be used equally easily on and off camera, it’s totally adaptable and capable of handling all kinds of situations inside and out of the studio.” 

The MG10 is the latest model in Nissin’s ever-expanding MG series, with more additions lined up for the coming months.

All prices quoted are SRP guide including VAT.

Full details are available on the Kenro website

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