SAMYANG to Release 8 New Lenses this Spring “SAMYANG 2019 SPRING COLLECTION”

On February 22, 2019, Samyang Optics a global optics brand, will launch their ‘SPRING COLLECTION’ campaign. During the campaign period, Samyang will introduce eight new products, one by one.

The first strategic launch campaign in the industry

Long-term R&D investment is essential prior to launching new products in the optical lens industry. Samyang’s new ‘Spring Collection’ is regarded as an unprecedented and bold initiative, based on their expertise in world-class optical technology and global sales capability. Samyang is announcing this new product launch campaign which reflects fresh ideas, similar to the fashion and beauty industry, revealing a variety of new products each season. The spring campaign will not only emphasise the enthusiastic and young brand image of Samyang, but also provide an opportunity to demonstrate Samyang’s outstanding optical performance throughout the world. Taking into consideration the rapid growth of the mirrorless camera market, which offers excellent portability and high-resolution, the Samyang ‘Spring Collection’ will introduce new auto focus lenses, greatly enhancing Samyang’s brand position in the industry. Following their first AF launch in 2016, this campaign will also introduce new lenses with high optical performance for new camera mounts. This launch strategy is the first of its type in the lens manufacturing industry, as well as by a global optical company.

SAMYANG ‘Spring Collection’ will be presented at imaging exhibitions

The unprecedented short-term, intensive launch strategy reflects the strong commitment of Samyang to be a leading lens manufacturer and is expected to further strengthen their global recognition and market presence. Some of new lenses will be presented at coming imaging exhibitions, CP+ in Tokyo, Japan and The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK. More detailed information about the Samyang ‘Spring Collection’ Campaign can be found on the Samyang Optics Official Site and Social Media channels

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