Wedding Photography Express Masterclass with Steven Neeson ASWPP (Public)

Join Steven Neeson on his express wedding photography masterclass as he teaches and prepares you to shoot weddings with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning, this masterclass is for you. Steven will teach you from experience and provide you with awesome information that is designed purely to help you grow as a photographer, but more importantly to make your customers experience massively better.

What you will learn on this webinar:

How to manage client expectations.
Creating a wedding day workflow that actually works.
How to live out your brand at weddings.
How to lead your clients professionally, without bossing.
What to do and where to be at the right time.
Why having the right gear is so important.
How to wow your clients with amazing signature photographs.
After Steven’s initial presentation there will be time for a Q&A.

Steven is known for not holding back on his workshops. This will not be a diluted version of Steven’s experience but simply a wealth of knowledge put to you on a plate. Pens and paper at the ready!

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