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Introducing Floop Photography with Martijn Brouns

Introducing Floop Photography with Martijn Brouns

Print your own photo with depth.
Be among the first to have your own 3D picture printed!

Floop Photography is such a cool new company. They can convert and print any photo from a 2D photo to an optical 3D image. With their new automated technology, they calculate the original depth in a photo and via a specially designed print process, print this depth on very detailed specialised lens material. When you then look at your photo it shows real depth. Martijn says “To me it represents the future of photography. A new art form is born, but most of all the true potential of any photo (old or new) has been unlocked being ‘ realistic picture enabled by DEPTH”

The Societies of Photographers Trade Show Live

The Societies of Photographers Trade Show Live! (Public)

The Societies of Photographers’ Trade Shows are the perfect opportunity to catch up with the latest products and services from the trade.

In this virtual event, you will see all the latest cameras, photographic gear and products. You will also discover the latest services on offer to help you with your photography and business.

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