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Belinda Buxton

Recognition Award 2021

This year we are awarding our Recognition Award to somebody who, not only has been a consistent and reliable supporter of The Societies of Photographers… but also who seeks opportunities to be a consistent and reliable supporter of everybody they meet.

This person, for whom photography has been a passion from a young age, thrives on taking images with emotion and meaning. They have owned a camera for most of their lives and have won numerous awards with their images, including many with us.

This person has not only been a member with us since 2008… but during that time they have given back to the industry time and time again, by volunteering on our 20×16″ Print Handling team… being part of what we affectionately call ‘The A-Team’ who you will usually find in Room 3 during the judging. But volunteering for Belinda Buxton isn’t restricted to The Societies of Photographers, as, for many years, she has volunteered for St John Ambulance… something she got involved with after doing a training course through work. Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic Belinda was instrumental in providing training to those involved with the UK’s Vaccination roll out, and since the restrictions have lifted, you’ll often find her at 1am on a Saturday morning manning the SOS bus in Norwich town centre.

So, this year we wanted to celebrate somebody who not only has given back to OUR industry, but also who literally goes out of her way to support, encourage, and empower everybody who she comes into contact with.

Belinda Buxton
Phil Jones, The Societies of Photographers’ Director presents Belinda Buxton with the 2021 Recognition Award.