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Member Perks

Our Member Perks portal is a fantastic Benefit of Membership to help you take advantage of hundreds of perks, discounts, and freebies from big-name brands.

Our members have saved thousands of pounds on clothing, food, gifts and so much more, so I would highly-recommend you take advantage of this fantastic benefit of membership.

In this tutorial we will go through:
How to signup for the Member Perks platform
How to navigate the site
How to take advantage of the Perks

Signing up for the Member Perks platform is really simple and straight-forward.

From our homepage on thesocieties.net hover over the membership drop-down list  and select ‘Members Perks Portal’, alternatively, you can head straight to https://thesocieties.perkjam.com/

Once you are on the Members Perks Portal you click the ‘Sign Up’ button and enter your details.

It will now ask you to select three different categories you are interested in, this will help the software show you exciting perks that are more tailored to you, then select three brands you would like to follow.

And that’s the registration complete.

To navigate the site, there is the top main menu, from this you can enter your profile, view the categories, see the popular brands, check out the top perks and use the search function.

The main page shows you all the featured Perks, recommendations and also our exclusive perks.

To take advantage of one of the Perks all you need to do is select the Perk you wish to take advantage of, this will then bring up all the details including how much you can save and the offer expiry, click on the ‘Get This Perk’ button. This will then bring up the details on how to claim the offer, click the ‘Visit Website’ button and that’s the offer claimed.

It really is that simple to start saving money.

If you have any issues using the Members Perks Platform please contact our team using thesocieties.net contact form.

The Members’ Perks Portal really is a fantastic benefit of membership, you are able to save £1,000s a year on big-name brands and it’s really simple to use.

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