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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Professional Imagemaker come out?

Professional Imagemaker is published six times a year. The magazines months are:
December – January
February – March
April – May
June – July
August – September
October – November

Can I access and use the Societies logos on my website?

Members are welcome to use the relevant Societies logo(s) on their website, though we do ask for in return a hyperlink back to your member’s page. High-resolution copies are available upon request from head office.

Does a qualified member use a different logo to a non-qualified one, and if so, where do I locate one?

Yes – qualified members may use our logo, which states that they are a qualified member of the Society they belong to. Please contact head office. for a copy.

Is it worth pre-registering for the Convention?

Definitely, the attendance could reach 15,000. Those who pre-register will be able to walk straight in without waiting around. Though, attendees will only be admitted if they are wearing the officially issued pass.

I submitted 20 images for assessment for the Mentoring program, could you give me some indication of how long it takes for them to be assessed?

Mentoring critiques usually take a couple of weeks to come back, though this depends upon the volume of submissions that we have at any one time

I think someone is advertising as a member and I don’t think they are, who can I report it too?

Please contact us with the details of the photographer, so we can check our records.

Can I pay for my subscription by bank transfer?

Yes, please find the relevant information below:
ACCOUNT: 51307681
Overseas bacs transfer IBAN: GB59HBUK40191251307681
BIC/Swift: HBUKGB4128R

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership please contact us using the linked form.

How do I change my details on the website?

All you need to do is contact us and one of the team will update your details. Changes take a couple of days

How do I let other members know, that I wish to sell some unwanted photographic equipment?

Members can use the forum as part of their membership. We have a dedicated section on the forum for members who wish to sell their unwanted photographic equipment. Though once the equipment has been sold we would appreciate if you could update your listing.

Member’s can sell their equipment here

I am a professional photographer, but I do not have a website, will it harm my business?

Definitely, the World Wide Web is the greatest ‘shop window’ of them all. Photography is a visual medium, and today’s discerning clients expect to see the quality of your work and your person style. If you do nothing else today, then get yourself on the web

I’ve forgotten my Login details, how do I reset my password?

Please use the password reminder system, using the email address you registered with https://thesocieties.net/index.php?action=reminder

Should you experience any more problems, please contact the head office.

How do I find out what result I got for the Monthly Image Competition?

Results are announced usually after judging has taken place via our Blog, websites and social media also via emailed newsletter.

I am struggling to upload a file for the monthly competition. The site states “no file uploaded”, I don’t normally have any problems uploading files, any suggestions?

Please make sure your files are under 2MB and under 2000 pixels on the longest side.

I’ve just been looking at the entries into this month’s competition and have noticed that one particular member is submitting multiple entries into each category – and yet in the guidelines you state there should only be one per category. Seems unfair that this member is being allowed to submit more.

Multiple entries will either be deleted or just not judged