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Nikon Releases Nikon Imaging Cloud – Create. Save. Update.

Nikon launches Nikon Imaging Cloud, a free cloud service that offers direct-to-camera firmware updates as well as camera-to-cloud image storage, and exclusive image recipes.  

, Nikon Releases Nikon Imaging Cloud – Create. Save. Update.

For photographers, Nikon Imaging Cloud is an exciting new platform that’s free for Nikon users and is now exclusively available for the recently launched Z6III. Photographers only need to set up a connection between their camera and Nikon Imaging Cloud once to enjoy a host of creative workflow benefits: from instant image backup and seamless transfer to third-party platforms, as well as automated firmware updates and unique colour profiles that can be downloaded straight from the cloud to the camera.

Summary of key features: Nikon Imaging Cloud

Direct camera-to-cloud image transfer: Nikon Imaging Cloud keeps image files safe with automatic transfers from camera to the cloud—whenever the camera is on and connected to the internet.

One-time setup: the connection between camera and Nikon Imaging Cloud only needs to be set up once. After that, whenever the camera’s on, it’s connected to the cloud.

30 days unlimited image storage: images are stored for free, for up to 30 days after they’re first transferred.

Exclusive image recipes, straight to camera: get free colour-profile image recipes from Nikon and Nikon Creators. Up to nine recipes can be saved in the cloud at any one time: once transferred to the camera, they appear as new Picture Control profiles.

Always-easy firmware updates: set up automatic updates to have the latest firmware installed on the camera when it’s charging. Or go for manual updates: a yellow dot will appear next to the tool icon in the main camera menu to signal new firmware is available.

Stay tuned for a first-look video and a how to set up, step-by-step video on the Nikon Europe YouTube channel, available to watch today.


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