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Focused Professional Podcast: Mastering Multi-Genre Photography with Terry Donnelly

Mastering Multi-Genre Photography with Terry Donnelly

Join host Joe Lenton in episode 15 of the Focused Professional Podcast as he welcomes Terry Donnelly – an award-winning, multi-genre Master Photographer with over 250 international accolades. Hear how he has honed his abilities across a range of genres, avoiding being pigeon-holed into one type of subject.

Terry Donnelly

We compare and contrast the skills and approach needed for sports and architectural photography – 2 of Terry’s main genres. Discover how you can get accredited as a professional football and rugby photographer like Terry. He loves his photography and feels privileged to get to chase the perfect moment in Premier League matches, revelling in the fast-paced action. 

Learn about Terry’s principles of maintaining high standards, putting clients first, and running a values-based photography business. Listen to him candidly share his thrill of overcoming challenges and his motivation to capture the perfect photograph, despite the anxieties stirred by the notorious imposter syndrome.

Ever wondered what a brand ambassador is and does? As a long-term ambassador for Sony, Rotolight and Fotospeed, Terry shares how it gives him opportunities to come alongside and help people at trade fairs as well as helping to promote the brands.

Terry Donnelly SpiderMan

Terry inspires listeners to use their talent for effecting change and pursuing passion through photography. He also emphasises the value of competitions, awards and self-improvement projects in a photographer’s career. He has ambitious goals for his work, not least aiming to achieve the coveted “Photographer of the Year” title with the Society of Photographers. But his aims also go beyond trophies and certificates – he wants to make a significant contribution to red squirrel conservation and the air ambulance service. He helps us realise that photographs can be more than just spectacular images, they can be vehicles for significant societal change.

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