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FREE Music License and download from Triple Scoop Music for The Societies Members

Triple Scoop Music

The Societies of Photographers and Triple Scoop Music are proud to provide you with a very special membership gift.

We’re providing you with a FREE Pro Photographer + Event Filmmaker Music License and download from industry leader Triple Scoop Music! ($60 Gift) Choose your favourite song from 45,000+ award-winning songs and soundtracks.

Triple Scoop Music is the world’s leading music licensing platform loved by pro photographers, video creators, filmmakers and top brands around the world. You’ve heard our artists in projects for Apple, Adobe, Marvel Studios, Netflix, Universal, Canon, Nikon, Sony and many others. Triple Scoop Music makes it easy to use award-winning music within your business.

If you’ve never used Triple Scoop Music, this is the perfect time to try out their acclaimed platform for FREE!

Over the next few days we’ll be sending out unique gift codes to our members, so keep an eye on your inbox for your code!

Join today and take full advantage of The Societies’ Benefits of Membership.

Discounts for members of the The Societies.

New! Get UNLIMITED Music: 

Triple Scoop Music now offers unlimited music licensing subscriptions.  You’ll receive full access and use of TSM’s complete, 45,000 song music collection for your video, film and photo projects. The Societies of Photographers members benefit from an extra discount. Simply apply the discount code: AWESOME10. Learn about TSM’s exciting unlimited music licensing subscriptions here. https://TripleScoopMusic.com

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