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Stylish and compact, these new Canon instant printers make creative pursuits easy

In our hyper-digital era, with fully virtual venues and spaces on the rise, the permanence and physicality of printed photographs hold a lot of power. Canon reinforces its commitment to creative print pursuits with the launch of two new compact photo printers, the Canon SELPHY CP1500 and the Canon Zoemini 2.

, Stylish and compact, these new Canon instant printers make creative pursuits easy
Canon SELPHY CP1500: available in black, white and pink

Compact and speedy, the Canon SELPHY CP1500 lets users print high quality photos, from postcard and square formats to mini stickers, that will last up to 100 yearsi. It has been designed with family life in mind – making it easy to create invitations and Thank You notes for weddings, family reunions or other milestone celebrations, or to simply print snapshots from daily life and family vacations without having to rush to the nearest photo kiosk. At any one time, an unlimited number of smartphones can be connected to the SELPHY CP1500, a perfect companion for entertaining guests at parties and events.

At just 177g, the new Canon Zoemini 2 weighs less than the average smartphone and is conveniently pocket-sizedii. Creative minds who are out and about a lot can take it with them on their adventures, printing photos from their camera rolls wherever they go. With its speedy charging capabilities via a USB-C connector, this device is fully charged in 50 minutes – 40 minutes faster than its predecessor model.

Both the Canon Zoemini 2 and the SELPHY CP1500 have free, compatible apps – the Canon Mini Print appiii and the upgraded SELPHY Photo Layout appiV respectively, allowing users to add text, borders, fun overlays, or curating highlight moments in a fun collage.

, Stylish and compact, these new Canon instant printers make creative pursuits easy
The new Canon Zoemini 2: available in navy blue, white and rose gold

Charmayne Chow, Product Marketing Specialist at Canon Europe, notes: “Instant photography has seen a huge resurgence for a while now. The majority of photos we take will remain on digital and mobile devices, which only reinforces the value of a printed photograph. We choose to print and display them, or gift them to loved ones, because they signify emotional keepsakes, which mean they deserve the best treatment. We believe that the app customisation features of the Canon SELPHY CP1500 and the Canon Zoemini 2 highlight how well the worlds of digital and print photography can complement each other.”

New design built for intuitive operability

A new addition to the Canon Zoemini 2 is its colour LED indicator, which will communicate when the device has been powered up, when it is printing, processing, cooling, or has run out of paper. It also benefits from more durable hardware and a sleeker, metallic look, available in navy blue, pearl white or rose gold. The SELPHY CP1500 has been fitted with a large LCD screen and a simplified set of buttons, making it not only extremely intuitive to use, but also ensuring it will look great on any desk or shelf space.

Inspiring creativity and connection with new app features

The Canon Mini Print appiii has a variety of fun personalisation options, including new seasonal and themed designs for frames and stickers. The tiling function allows users to create a larger poster for display with either 4 or 9 prints. Collage and pre-cut sticker options will encourage the whole family to get involved in scrapbooking.

The upgraded SELPHY Photo Layout 3.0 smartphone appiV can now access camera or smartphone images uploaded onto social media or elsewhere on the cloud, allowing memories to come alive as physical prints quickly and easily. Customisation options include text, borders, filters and new colourful patterned overlays, such as snowflakes for festive cards or little paw prints for precious photos of a family pet. Creators can add a custom QR code to their prints via the app – a fun and easy way to link to a portfolio, website, or photo album.

Fuss-free printing

The SELPHY CP1500 uses fast dye-sublimation technology to produce dry prints that can be handled straightaway. At the end of the process, an overcoat finish is applied to protect the photo from water, dirt, colour fading and unwanted fingerprints. Family photos are safe for kids to touch and see for themselves, without causing any damage.

Canon Zoemini 2’s innovative ZINKTM technology (which stands for ‘zero ink’) is a full-colour printing system that eliminates the need for ink cartridges. Canon ZINKTM photo paper is covered in micro crystals that react when heated, transforming mobile device snaps into smudge-proof, water and tear-resistant printouts.

Canon paper variety
Both products come with a variety of photo paper options, producing mini keepsakes to decorate albums, devices, walls and gifts

  • Canon Zoemini 2: This product is compatible with three types of Canon ZINKTM photo paper, offered in packs of 20 and 50 sheets of 2×3 inches (5 x 7.6 cm) or 20 sheets of 1.3 inches (3.3 cm) circle stickers.
  • Canon Selphy CP1500: This product will be complemented by a range of SELPHY paper sets, from postcard to square formats to mini stickers for labelling, giving consumers lots of creative options for their crafts.

Pricing and availability

Canon SELPHY CP1500 key features:

  • Available in black, white and pink
  • Postcard-sized prints in 41 seconds
  • Durable prints lasting up to 100 yearsi
  • The dye-sublimination process produces a total of 16.7 million colours available
  • Memory card slot: SD, SDHC, SDXC reader, and USB-C connectivity

Canon Zoemini 2 key features:

  • Available in navy blue and white, pearl white and silver, or rose gold and white
  • Pocket-sized, weighs just 177g
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Faster charging within 50 mins using USB-C connector, while you print
  • New addition of a multi-colour LED indicator to indicate printing status
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