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New Trekker lite marks an important next step on Lowepro’s sustainability journey

Lowepro continues to work towards its sustainability goals, introducing the Trekker Lite Collection with up to 81% recycled and solution-dyed content.

  • Made with up to 81% recycled and solution-dyed fabrics
  • Lowepro green line ‘loading bar’ shows the amount of recycled and solution-dyed fabrics, as per GRI standards.
  • A complete range, perfectly designed for travel photography

Lowepro, a company with a 50-year legacy of creating protective gear-carrying solutions for adventure photographers, visual storytellers, explorers and travellers introduce the new Trekker Lite collection. The Trekker Lite Collection proves Lowepro’s sustainability mission is moving ahead at pace while staying true to our brand’s two great passions – the love of travel and the love of photography.

It includes a 24L and 16L backpack, an all-new sling bag and a hip bag, available in all-black or black grey. Easy to stow away, with soft structures and lots of useful modular design features, all the pieces work together. So users can create the ideal configuration for their individual needs, wherever their photographic adventures lead. The collection also gives outdoor adventure photographers the robust, cleverly designed kit they demand, and with a much-reduced environmental impact.

The Trekker Lite BP 150 Backpack (£129.95), with 79% total Green Line score (including 23% solution-dyed, 56% recycled fabrics), fits a full-frame CSC (such as Sony Alpha 7-9 series or similar) with 1 lens attached, plus 1-2 small lenses or charger and battery. While the Trekker Lite BP 250 Backpack (£159.95), with an 80% total Green Line score, (including 20% solution-dyed, 60% recycled fabrics), fits a crop-sensor CSC (such as Sony Alpha 6000 series or similar) with 1 lens attached, plus 1-2 small lenses or charger and battery.

Both the 150 and 250 Backpacks feature a removable camera insert with strap kit, 3 large grab handles on top, side and front. On the back, each has a hideaway strap system, and a separate laptop sleeve for quick security checks – great when travelling.

The Trekker Lite Sling 120 (£80.95), with a 76% total Green Line score (including 25% solution-dyed, 51% recycled fabrics), fits a full-frame mirrorless with a lens attached and 1-2 extra lenses or a 70-200 placed horizontally, while Trekker Lite Hip Bag (£60.95) , with an 81% total Green Line score, (including 17% solution-dyed, 64% recycled fabrics) fits a small crop-sensor mirrorless (such as Sony Alpha 6000 series or similar) without view-finder with 2 small lenses, or a compact camera and an action cam.

Both the Trekker Lite Sling 120 and Hip Bag are discreet travel companions that will carry your essentials and keep your gear close to your body. They can be worn as a sling, or on your hip.

Lowepro is committed to better protecting the natural world adventure photographers celebrate. This commitment is now clearly flagged by the green line label Lowepro recently introduced.
The Lowepro green line loading bar indicates the percentage of recycled fabric – including all fabrics, webbings, bindings, zipper tape, cords and meshes – and the percentage of solution-dyed fabric used to build each bag. It’s measured following the GRI 301-2 standard. (This measures the percentage of total recycled yarn used by weight, compared to the total weight of yarn.)

Solution-dyeing (also known as sun-dyeing or dope-dyeing) combines the extrusion and dyeing processes, adding dye to the polymer solution rather than dyeing the finished fabric in a separate step. For Lowepro, this means an overall water saving of 80% and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Besides, the soft construction of the collection allows to nest multiple bags together when shipping, saving up to 40% volume compared to un-nested shipping.

Overall, the Trekker Lite Collection achieves up to 81% on the Lowepro green line. There’s some way to go to hit 100%, but Lowepro are being completely transparent about the journey to get there. And excited about the progress they’re making.

More information at www.lowepro.com

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