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Are you coming to the Photography Retreat this April?

We are flying through April and 2022 at an alarming rate! How do we take the foot off the pedal and stop just for a short time and focus on what is essential to improve our business and drive our creativity? 

We have faced so many challenges in the last two years, and now with more doubt hanging over us, it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose our sense of direction. Yet, what keeps us moving forward is a society that relies so heavily on visual validation and stimulation – great news for us photographers – but how do we evolve when we have lost our mojo! 

Photography Retreat

This April, we put the foot on the break. For the weekend of the 22nd – we stop.  We give ourselves the chance to recalibrate, reflect on our work over the last few years and make a plan for the coming twelve months.

Perhaps you plan to pick up more business, go for qualifications, enter more competitions and become more competitive with your creativity, refining and mastering skills?

Whatever your goal or dreams are, the Photography Retreat is a place to share and nurture those plans. 

The Societies of Photographers Members Ticket Price, just £550!

Our inspiring and educational weekend is focused on you as a photographer.  We want to see your work and understand the challenges and creative barriers you face. 

With years of experience, from founding my photography business to achieving qualifications and awards, I bring all my knowledge to the table to share and inspire you. 

Arriving on Friday, we have dinner and drinks where I share my experiences and hear your goals and aspirations.  This is an opportunity to share work and celebrate each other’s success. 

Saturday morning kicks off after breakfast with coffee and the theory of light. We look at how light behaves and what it means to shape light using natural light sources inside and out. We analyse posing and the art of direction before we go out and shoot within the boundaries of our environment. 

We have the lovely Ffion Jones joining us as our model, who will help me demonstrate all of the above.  After lunch, we team up and, using each other; we slow down to observe our surroundings, taking in everything we have learned to create unique photography.

On Sunday and after our goodbyes, you will leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to grow, but you will not be alone! After a few weeks back in the real world, you are invited to a portfolio review where we catch up and look at all the work you have created since the retreat. 

If the Photography Retreat feel like a place you want to hang out, investing in yourself and your development, please book today as we have limited spaces. 

We can not wait to welcome you to Ruthin Castle.

Fiona – photographyretreat.co.uk

The Societies of Photographers Members Ticket Price, just £550!

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