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One Vision Imaging and Zenfolio announce an expanded partnership

OVI Lab products are now available in the newest Zenfolio platform

One Vision Imaging (OVI), the UK’s leading professional photography laboratories and Zenfolio, the market leader in creative and business solutions for photographers, today announced an expanded partnership to offer high quality OVI products on the brand new Zenfolio platform which has just been released in the UK.

OVI has been a trusted Zenfolio lab partner for years. Now, this partnership has been extended to include the new future-forward Zenfolio platform, a game changer for photographers. With an integrated suite of advanced tools and workflows enhanced by intelligent automation, it provides an easy-to-use, efficient solution to manage a photography business. 

The new Zenfolio platform combines a comprehensive website builder, photo gallery and e-commerce solution, with sophisticated CRM tools that work 24/7. The integrated booking, real-time scheduling, invoicing, payment and automatic fulfilment capabilities enable photographers to spend more time behind the lens while the platform is multitasking behind the scenes. 

While a photographer is shooting, the platform is booking new clients. While a photographer is editing, the platform is selling prints, frames, canvases and other OVI products. Even while a photographer is sleeping, the platform is emailing client campaigns and promotions.

OVI Managing Director, Derek Poulston states “The new Zenfolio platform is a remarkable leap forward, redefining the future of the photography business. We are very excited to provide our products and services to achieve the vision of an integrated, intelligent, automated solution for professional photographers”   

“We are thrilled to announce OVI as an official print and product partner to the new Zenfolio platform. The collaboration allows us to integrate OVI’s quality products and best-in-breed services into our sophisticated feature-rich plans, helping photographers seamlessly expand their product offering while growing a thriving business.” says John Loughlin, Zenfolio CEO

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