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Imaging Brands introduces new off-camera lighting solutions with Frio


Distributed by LUMESCA Group, Frio is expanding their line of products with a selection of versatile and easy to use off-camera lighting solutions for professional and semi-professional creators. Aiming to turn hard-to-light spaces into illuminating places with a selection of lightweight and straightforward products, Frio creates lighting solutions that meet many demands of creators who’re on the go or working alone. Designed to suit fast-paced applications like quick release or quick setup, every Frio accessory is simple and easy to use. Frio solutions can assist all kinds of creative work, including photography, videography, live streaming, sound recording, and so much more. The products allow creators to connect anything that has a cold or hot shoe, no matter how tight or obscure the space is. And with packing and portability in mind, the products are lightweight, easy to set up and quick to take down.

Frio Hold
The world’s only cold shoe adapter with a unique DualLock system and DualThread, Frio Hold is a versatile product that can connect anything with a hot shoe to anything with a ¼” and 3/8”-16 screw. Including tripods, articulating arms, light stands, DSLR video rigs and cages. An essential bit of kit for any photographer who shoots weddings, indoor or outdoor parties, as it can be mounted quickly to a flash or hot shoe gear.

Frio Grasp
The Frio Grasp is a multi-purpose clamp with a 360° base articulation to grasp onto any angle, allowing photographers to think outside the conventional shot without lighting limitations. It is available in a small or large size, both of which can be attached to any round or flat surface, including table edges, stair railings, poles, etc. The Frio Grasp also features non-marring pads to protect surfaces, and an adjustable stabiliser claw to provide a third contact point for secure mounting.

Frio Arch
Frio Arch allows you to angle any accessory with a cold shoe or hot shoe quickly and easily as it includes a highly versatile 360° ball head. This feature provides countless ways to direct light in the most dynamic shoot environments. Along with aircraft aluminium construction, the Frio Arch has soft-touch knobs to make it easy to secure gear and adapt to light stands, tripods, monopods, booms and more.

Frio Cling
An on-the-go vacuum pump cold shoe that can be quickly and securely mounted onto equipment with impressive staying power. The Frio Cling has a non-marring seal that protects surfaces and can even be attached to smooth and non-porous surfaces like mirrors, windows, countertops and car bonnets. The Frio Cling is ideal for portrait shots with no room for setting up a stand or, even, for lighting intricate auto-engine shots. The Frio Cling seal is activated with a few pumps and has a visual indicator to confirm when the equipment is secure.

Frio Stand
A versatile Baby Pin adapter cold shoe setup to solve any lighting challenges faced by photographers. With a baby 5/8” (16mm) female pin receptor that mounts to arms, light stands, C-stands, roller stands, wall plates and any other standard grip gear. The Frio Stand is a must-have for photographers who want to get the perfect precision shot.

Frio Reach
Frio Reach is a collaboration with Tether Tools to provide photographers with a seriously heavy-duty grip gear mount. It has 360° articulation to provide extended range, and the locking teeth at the elbow ensures a secure mount. As with all Frio products, Frio Reach folds up neatly for easy transport.

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