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MeFOTO, MeVIDEO and INDURO consolidate under Benro

This opportunity sets Benro up for future growth with a broad range of solutions for content creators, livestreamers, filmmakers and photographers

Embargoed until 12:00pm (Noon), 1st July 2021 – Benro, a global leader in the photo and video space has been busy planning for future success. The MeFOTO, MeVIDEO and INDURO brands have been manufactured at Benro’s facility and have now merged their product design and innovation resources, becoming available as “Super” Collections under the Benro brand. Long favourites of travelling photographers and content creators who appreciate their range of features and thoughtful design aesthetic, the move consolidates and unifies the MeFOTO, MeVIDEO, INDURO and Benro design and innovation teams in order to share best practices and resources within the state-of-the-art Benro manufacturing facilities.

Benro has long been committed to supporting a global community of creators in the photography and filmmaking spaces as well as the ever-expanding universe of content creators who need support systems to tell their unique and diverse stories. The range of technology available today makes it simpler than ever for photographers, filmmakers, vloggers and broadcasters at any experience level to pick up a device and begin sharing their vision. This also represents a growth opportunity as users gaining in confidence look to add tools that enable them to extend their creative potential.

“We are in an age of 24/7 image storytelling and storysharing. This means that a creator can literally pick up their favourite device at any hour and with the right accessories, begin capturing content. These creators will need not just traditional support accessories like tripods and heads but also lights and modifiers and a wide range of flexible connection devices to hold peripherals like audio recording gear and additional smart devices or wireless transmitters. Benro will have all this and more coming very shortly with the goal of providing a complete content creation ecosystem allowing for infinite flexibility and incredible value,” said Jan Lederman, MAC Group President.

“We realise that space in a creator’s gear bag is very valuable. We intend to have our gear earn its rightful place and always be within reaching distance for every type of creative challenge or opportunity,” said Andy Liu, son of Benro founder Hao “Leo” Liu. 

“Digital storytelling continues to experience enormous growth with creators looking for tools to help their story stand out from the crowd. At Benro we pride ourselves in developing products in conjunction with our users and these new products follow that same model. We believe they will help creators, no matter what their background, experience level or subject matter, express their creativity and move their content to the next level,” said Mark Hoskins, Benro Brand Manager, Mac Group Europe Ltd.

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