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Webinar: Introduction to Pet Photography with Maria Michael ASWPP

Introduction to Pet Photography with Maria Michael ASWPP

Passionate about the connection between humans and animals and how this has evolved over thousands of years, Maria invites you to look at Pet Photography in a whole new light.

Knowing first-hand how that connection can change someone’s life, Maria has dedicated many years to learn about the behaviour/psychology of dogs and more recently, horses. She has used her experience to develop her Specialist Pet Photography business and a reputation, that has gained both national and international attention.

Maria is committed to raising the profile of Pet Photography and during this webinar, she will explain why this genre is not just a simple ‘add-on’ to a business, but one that should be respected and that demands a serious level of commitment.

Maria will also guide you through what she believes is the essential foundation of the starting any photography business, from the planning process through to different ways of marketing and helping you to build your client base.

But Maria’s journey into photography has been far from straight forward. And living with a hidden disability, she knows all too well how challenging it can be. So she hopes that, through her open and honest approach, others will find inspiration and see that they too can achieve their dreams.

Wednesday 27th January 2021 – 1PM (UTC)

Live on: The Societies of Photographers (Members Only) Group

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