The Societies of Photographers announces extension to Qualification timeframe

The Societies of Photographers Qualification

Due to the extenuating circumstances of the last 12 months, The Societies has made the decision to temporarily extend the timeframe on images permitted to be used for Qualifications. This will increase the timeframe from 2 years to 3 years (from the date of submission), for all panels submitted in 2021 and 2022.

This decision will enable photographers to use images from their portfolio which are up to 3 years old, accounting for the Government restrictions in the UK since last March, which have left many photographers with a lack of commissioned work.

The Societies Personal Development Manager Terrie Jones says “I think it’s only fair, given the circumstances of the last 12 months, to temporarily extend the time limit on images permitted. I believe our decision acknowledges the struggles within our industry, and what many are calling a ‘lost year’ in terms of paid work. Our judging criteria and standards required will remain the same, but this new timeframe should ensure that the lockdowns (and lack of work thereof) have little impact on somebody’s ability to submit for Qualification.

I spoke to the Judging Team as a whole regarding this and they all agreed it was the best decision we could make. We will review this decision in 2022 and aim to reinstate our 2-year timeframe at that time, if we feel it is appropriate to do so.”

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