Tether Tools Introduces New Usb-C To Usb-C Cables

Expanding USB-C offerings to photographers tethering to USB-C equipment and computers

Tether Tools, distributed by LUMESCA Group, is expanding their line of USB-C cable solutions for photographers shooting tethered with cameras or computers that feature a USB-C connection. This is with the addition of two new cables, the TetherPro USB-C to USB-C Right Angle Cable and the TetherBoost Pro USB-C Core Controller Extension Cable.

The TetherPro USB-C to USB-C Right Angle cable is designed and manufactured using the latest USB technology to ensure consistent and reliable conductivity for photographers using equipment with a USB-C port. It provides the fastest and most reliable transfers to keep tethered workflow running at optimal speeds for data transfer up to 5Gbit/s. This cable allows for an angled camera connection, routing down the side of the camera without the need for adapters or dongles. The right angle is designed to hug the side of the camera port to keep it out of the way and ensures a secure fit in the port for excellent connectivity and transfer.

During any photoshoot, the ability to move around freely whilst shooting tethered is critical for many photographers. The TetherBoost Pro USB-C Core Controller Extension Cable extends and enhances the Type-C signal an additional 16 feet—with a maximum length of 31 feet (9.4 m). Users will be able to move images up to 10Gbit/s with this extension cable for a fast and secure way to transfer files from a camera to a computer with a USB-C port – all while maintaining high transfer rates and connection stability.

Both cables are available in classic High-Visibility Orange and Non-Reflective Black. The TetherBoost Pro USB-C Core Controller Extension and USB-C to USB-C Right Angle cables are in high demand by photographers needing agility, speed, and longer tethering distance.

Available to order now from colorconfidence.com, part of LUMESCA Group. Also available from other photographic retailers.

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