Social photo distancing – what size studio do you need?

If you’ve ever bought a lens with a 2m minimum focus, you’ll know that social distancing is often underestimated and also that many rooms, including studios, don’t give you the distance you need.

3Objectives is an affordable London studio available for hire for those jobs which you just can’t fit in, and they have facts and figures to help you.


The standard lens on any format, for example a 50mm lens on 24 x 36mm full frame digital, frames a typical full-length shot in a vertical composition at 3 metres or 10 feet. A couple with a ballgown or bridal dress train will need more. A group in a horizontal composition will normally need 5m/16ft clear space – and this doesn’t include extra between the background and subject, or room for the photographer to work behind the camera.

To use your favourite 70-200mm or 85mm lens even more working distance is needed but it’s worth it for the natural look of fashion and portrait shots.

The 3Objectives studio is two minutes from the Oval tube station (Northern Line) and offers 1200 square feet with a 14 foot ceiling and a 22 foot camera to subject space. With a corner cove, 12ft background stands and over 25 seamless colours in stock plus painted or plain flats, stools, plinths, black and white polyboards, silk scrim screen and other essentials.

Limited offer until the end of November – £135 for a half-day rental including colorama and Mac hire. Normal price for studio hire for full day is £435.

Call Paul Downes on 07703 660 957 or email –

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