Focus On Happiness Website, Community & Photography for Well-being Launch

‘’Life is just a series of moments, so make the most of your moments’’

Focus On Happiness
Focus On Happiness

On September 25th, Focus On Happiness will be announcing their new community and program at A new type of community which is dedicated to improving people’s well-being using photography. The aim was to create a positive and supportive space for people to come and enhance their lives while building connections with like-minded people. The program is designed to encourage members to cultivate more happiness and well-being in their lives, one photograph at a time.

‘’Photography is an amazing tool. It played a huge part in my own well-being over the years, living with Cystic Fibrosis. Through my journey and other interests and courses I’ve taken in Mindfulness, Neuroscience & NLP, I now understand how photography has played a big part in keeping me healthy over the years and it also helps keep my Anxiety at bay also. I want to take what I have learned to help others in their journey.’’ – Trevor

The Pictures Of Life Facebook Community Trevor created with his fiancée Ciara during the lockdown was a great success. Currently there is over 4600 members working together with daily focuses and picture challenges. This proved to the couple that they were on the right track. They are now bringing the Mindography Program they created to the next level in their new Focus On Happiness Community.

Online connections have now become a normal part of our everyday living. We evolved to be social creatures and this pandemic has taken that privilege away from so many of us. Resources like social media have allowed us to remain connected, but scientists say that the next big epidemic to grip the world, is feelings of Anxiety, Depression, Isolation and Loneliness. We may be more connected digitally, but social media has shown to have adverse effects on our mental health. Over 3.5 billion of us own a smartphone. That’s over 45% of the world’s population, 610 million of us own digital cameras, 3 billion of us are on some form of social media and there are over 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day. Taking, posting and sharing pictures of what is going on in our lives has become the new normal for a high percentage of people. Devices such as smartphones and cameras to take pictures, computers and smart devices to share and interact in communities, are readily available to almost everyone. With some guidance, learning and practical knowledge, the couple believe they can elevate what people perceive taking pictures and sharing them on social media to be.

’Ask yourself, how much of your online connections are authentic? How much of your online presence is just you being yourself? Maybe it’s time to learn something new and join a positive and supportive space. Why not try a new hobby that is also a new way of thinking, which can help you to adapt in this new world.’’ – Trevor

The Focus On Happiness Community differs greatly from large scale public social networks, by being more purpose based, with a huge emphasis on positivity, openness, meaningful engagement and support. The couple believe this allows authentic connections and relationships to be cultivated because you will find more like minded members join. Authentic connections are one of the basic human needs that we all have.

What is Mindography? It is the happiness & well-being teachings that the community provides. A high result, low-tech program that combines mindfulness, photography and mindful photography to teach people a new and exciting way to see and experience the world around them. All you need is a camera or smartphone.

I know this works because I use Mindography to explore myself and my surroundings all the time. Its helps me to destress and calm my mind when I need it. It’s also a way for me to maintain a positive mindset” says Trevor the co-creator. “I wish I knew and understood these things when I was younger, but we live and learn in life. You can call the program whatever you like, Photography for Happiness, Photography for Anxiety, Photography for Wellbeing, Photography for Resilience. Photography to Enhance Your Experience. It’s all the same. Its photography to make you feel better about yourself and we have lots more to come

Focus On Happiness Membership will be available starting with a free membership level available for everyone on the 25th of September. Premium membership level is available for only €20 a month and this also includes full access to the Mindography Program, free access to special interest groups, a monthly webinar aimed to help members to refocus their minds along with much more.

For more information, visit

‘’If you are curious, or have an interest in well-being, mindful photography, photography, mindfulness or all the above? Join us now. An interest in photography, can be someone who takes a quick snap here and there with your phone, to a professional photographer whose life is lived through the lens. Photography and life are both journeys and in here, we celebrate all aspects of life and camera abilities.’’

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