Floop Photography Launches the first ever AI enabled 3D- depth driven photo service in the world

The Dutch startup Floop Photography has launched a Lenticulair print service for photography.

The startup comes from a 10-year academic research program and can asses natural depth in photos. This information is used to make very precise prints on special lens paper, which creates stunning real life 3D effects in printed photos.

Martijn Brouns, co -founder of Floop tells us with a big smile, ‘We are freeing any photo new or old from it’s 2D confinement. Every pixel gets it’s own space in our 3D framework, which creates the perfect depth’.

Depending on the photo you have a 10 to 16 degrees looking angle, which means that if you move your head slightly when looking at the photo you get the feeling you can look around the main subject. It is very subtle, but that’s what makes it so great.

We are preserving the photo while adding the depth to it. The only thing you need to see the depth are your own two eyes, no 3D glasses, nothing.

It makes your pictures come to life in the tiniest bit. Don’t think we can do a moving ‘Harry Potter photo’ but see it more as a clear window into a time that once was.

The material that we use to print on, is special lens paper consisting of thousands of microlenses made of recycled eco-PET material made of old plastic bottles.

‘We are devoted to becoming a company that gives more to the world than it takes’ says co-Founder Eelko van Breda.

He continues ‘So for us it was the most logical choice to make our main component from 50% recycled material already and invest in social programs and greener manufacturing tools. Because if we do it right from the start thinking and acting green will be embedded in the DNA of the company.’

This technology is perfect for all kinds of professional photographers. Wedding photographers can woo their clients with something new that makes the best day of their life come to life, every time you look at it. While commercial photographers and marketeers have a huge benefit from the fact that a Flooped photo grabs the attention from audiences immediately.

Our brain is so used to seeing and interpreting pictures all day, it can asses what is on a normal photo within a milli second, while with Floop the brain has more to do because it has to asses the depth and thus it is drawn to the picture and automatically triggers an interest and lingering, which is perfect if you want to draw someone’s attention.

Flooping photos can be pretty addictive says Martijn, because when looking at a Flooped photo, new elements come to life you didn’t notice before. There is joy in discovering ‘hidden’ features that come to live through the depth effect. Every photo is different but it has no secrets for our precise AI analysis.

The first big hurdle the startup needs to take is showing its invention to the world. We live in a world that is made for 2D viewing, our TVs, monitors and telephone screens are made for flat images. You can not show the 3D effect of Floop on a 2D monitor, seeing is believing really is a fact here. We are eager to get as much collaborations, partners and customers onboard as possible to transfer our 2D photo world into one with Flooped depth.

After a soft launch during the height of the Corona crisis, Floop is now in full operation mode and are taking in all kinds of request from photographers.

If you are interested in learning more about our technology, mission or services please get in touch.



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