Digitalab frames now available in Fundy Designer

Digitalab frames now available in Fundy Designer

Digitalab are delighted to announce that all their frame options are available to use within the incredible Fundy Software Inc.

Simply download your frame packs from the Fundy Designer page on the Digitalab website and start creating!

Fundy Designer is a world-leading software package that was created to give professional photographers a template-free design solution for complete creative control. It is the industry’s only all-in-one design and sales suite, dedicated to helping photographers enhance their client experience in your in-person or remote sales sessions and thus increasing your revenue.

  • Present beautiful wall art your clients will love
  • Design collections on a stock room or import a client’s room
  • Preview canvases, metal and frames
  • Create your own collections in a few clicks

Fundy Designer is set up so users can import Digitalab frames into Fundy Designer to use in their sales process and the process couldn’t be more simple. You can download all of our frame options for use with Fundy HERE

Click HERE to see the support manual on how to add a frame to your selection and start designing!

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