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A Perfect Photo Fit for ID images

Identity card and passport shots are a great source of regular income for photo studios and retail stores alike. Getting the image or print right first time matters. The on-line UK passport process can demand a reshoot or extra work from the photographer, which the client will not expect to pay for, if you don’t meet the specifications exactly.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Smart D70iD photo system completely removes any doubts. It uses biometric face recognition and can accept ID shots from many sources – by FTP, by USB, from card media or direct from capture by CamFI wireless link. You don’t need to compose the shot tightly as Smart D70iD will automatically size and position the subject’s face, remove any background tint and crop for perfect passport specifications. A database of different country requirements means you can match requests for visas and documents worldwide.

It can produce multi passport photos on long-lasting dye sublimation media approved for ID, save the shots to USB storage, or email them directly to you or the client. Six or eight up prints are ideal for keeping to add to membership cards and documents in future.

With new passports, driving licences and identify cards almost certain to be required whether or not the UK leaves the EU photo studios and retailers alike can compete with Post Office and shopping mall booths, offering fast perfect ID files and prints. Portraits can even be auto-enhanced when the use allows it.

The compact desktop system with its own easy to use touch screen and integral printer is an ideal investment to start 2020 with a new hassle-free ID photo service.

You can find much more on the whole Mitsubishi Electric printing range at www.mitsubishielectric-printing.com Or contact: t: 07341 808 590

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