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PortraitPro v19 Launched

Anthropics Launches PortraitPro 19 with Intelligent Skin Smoothing, Enhanced Hair Retouching, Expression Sliders, Interactive Tutorials, And More.

Anthropics Technology announced the launch of PortraitPro 19 photo editing software (standalone/plugin).

Powered by new deep-learning algorithms, PortraitPro 19 offers Anthropics’ most advanced skin improvement to date. The new ClearSkin™ 5 technology based on state-of-the-art A.I. intelligently maps the contours and features of the face and retouches skin accordingly. It also replicates the face’s natural skin texture, allowing users to subtly remove blemishes while maintaining the subject’s natural appearance. When combined with the improved Fix Lighting tool, this new technology makes it significantly easier for photographers to retouch their portraits.


Advanced Hair Retouching

With better hair detection and an expanded range of shades for hair recoloring, PortraitPro 19 users now have more options than ever before for improving the appearance of hair. After choosing a base shade, users can customize the color by adjusting temperature, saturation, contrast and more.

Expression sliders

Previous portrait editing tools have included sliders to adjust the shape of the mouth to enhance smiles. PortraitPro 19 offers new tools to enhance several different facial expressions from frowns to surprise.

Interactive Tutorials

To help users get the best out of their software, PortraitPro 19 offers built-in tutorials. Users can try out a range of functions using videos and interactive sessions.

Accurate Lens Correction

Utilizing 3D modeling, the software accurately corrects for lens distortions created by wide-angle lenses such as mobile phone cameras.

Optimized Plugin (Studio exclusive)

An updated plugin lets users speed up their retouching workflow. Using Smart Filters, users can open PortraitPro Studio directly from Photoshop and start editing right away. Thanks to some newly optimized technology, the plugin returns to Photoshop up to 5 times faster than previous versions, which means less time processing and more time creating great portraits.

Improved Automatic Batch Processing (Studio Max exclusive)

PortraitPro Studio Max 19 allows photographers to automatically process batches of images simultaneously. The software detects faces and features in the image, applies chosen presets and automatically saves the result, saving the user time. Now, in PortraitPro 19, the software handles images 2x faster than in previous versions for even more efficient processing. This tool is exclusive to the Studio Max edition of the software.


PortraitPro 19 is available to purchase.

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