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HOYA Launches STARSCAPE Light-Pollution Filters

Capturing our Milky Way and its millions of stars, often invisible to the naked eye, is becoming an increasingly popular challenge to photographers. Hoya have just made the process even more rewarding by introducing their Starscape light-pollution filter. This comes in a range of different diameters and the special optical glass selectively filters out the yellow and greenish light pollution which comes from distant street lights and often ruins shots.

, HOYA Launches STARSCAPE Light-Pollution Filters

The result is more natural-looking images and improved overall contrast. Hoya’s Starscape filter significantly reduces the amount of time required to correct the colour cast in RAW post-processing – images rendered without these filters can appear degraded at pixel level. The use of a Starscape filter can also save a huge amount of time normally required for the post-processing of time-lapse sequences.

Hoya Starscape filters are made in Japan from the highest quality optical glass, they have low-profile filter frames and are ideal for using with wide and super-wide-angle lenses. They can also be combined with Hoya Softon filters to further enhance stars in the night sky, producing attractive and impressive images.

Available in December
The HOYA Starscape filters will be available from photo retailers during December 2019, in all diameters from 49mm to 82mm.

More detailed information about Hoya Filters can be found on the official importers’ website: www.intro2020.co.uk/hoya

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