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Four New Densities To Complete Marumi Dhg Super Nd Filter Series

Even in a digital age full of post-production software that can correct any flaw, there’s no substitute for the satisfaction of capturing a beautiful landscape photo that is planned, composed and exposed to perfection. Neutral Density filters have long been an essential staple in the kit bag of any serious landscape photographer, and the Marumi range of professional grade filters, distributed in the UK and Ireland by Kenro, has just been expanded to include four new densities of their high spec DHG Super ND range.

These digital high grade super neutral density filters allow photographers to create ethereal, smooth images that capture the quality of movement, reducing the light levels entering the lens to allow for longer exposures – perfect for blurry clouds or water, or creating striking images of dramatic skies, travelling light, moving traffic and more. Crucially, these superior quality filters retain a neutral balance and won’t add a colour cast, even when being stacked and used in tandem with each other.

Now available in SND8 (3 stop, optical density 0.9), SND16 (4 stop, optical density 1.2), SND32 (5 stop, optical density 1.5) and SND64 (6 stop, optical density 1.8), these four new densities join the existing SND500, SND1000, SND4000 and SND32000 range.

Available for lens diameters 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm, 95mm and 105mm, prices in this new range start from just £63.06 for a 67mm SND8, rising to £265.74 for a 105mm SND64.

A number of state-of-the-art special coatings on the glass help even inexperienced photographers to achieve a flawless finish. The scratch-resistant coating helps to diminish the risk of small scratches and scuffs that can result in overexposed and blown out spots on an otherwise beautiful image; a highly water repellent coating makes the filter suitable for use near waterfalls, at beaches and in rainy conditions; the oil repellent coating makes it easy to wipe away any light smudges or marks; and finally the AR multi-layer coating reduces surface reflections so photographers can be sure of a clean image without ghosting or flare.

As well as high end optical technology, this range of filters features the best of Japanese engineering in their aluminium frames, which are knurled for easy handling, ultra-thin for no unintentional vignetting, and have a matte satin finish to minimise reflection. The glass also features a blackened outer rim, as extra precaution against reflection. The clever slim design also allows for lens caps and hoods to be attached while the filter is in place.

The other densities in the Marumi DHG Super ND range (SND500, 9 stop, optical density 2.7; SND1000, 10 stop, optical density 3.0; SND4000, 12 stop, optical density 3.6; SND32000, 15 stop, optical density 4.5) are available for lens sizes 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm, with prices ranging from £45.18 for a 49mm SND500, through to £119.46 for an 82mm SND32000.

Kenro’s managing director, Paul Kench, says: “These filters really do represent the best of top quality Japanese optical engineering. These four new densities complete the range, and give everyone from enthusiasts to professionals a huge array of options that won’t break the bank. Marumi is a consistently award-winning and highly regarded brand, and these new filters strengthen an already impressive product line up.”

Prices quoted are SRP guide including VAT.

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