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Mitsubishi Electric at the Heart of Photo Robot Revolution

A compact, efficient, low-cost dye sublimation printer is helping innovative party and event photo robots deliver prints faster with less need for human help.

The Eva Photography Robot is one of a range of smart robots from company Service Robots, whose expertise in industrial robotics has expanded into the near-android field of mobile, autonomous bots with face recognition, speech and touch screen communication, social media and text messaging.

Eva is loved at weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events and all social gatherings for its personality and skill in navigating around the event. The Photo Robot has a wireless link to a neat Print Station, where the operator can complete sales and hand over prints from a top quality Mitsubishi Electric CP-M1E printer.

Tim Warrington, Director of Service Robots, has already installed over 1,800 photo booths and robots using Mitsubishi’s proven CPD70DW printer. “I wanted to be able to tell clients I have a new robot with the best new printer out in the market”, he says. “I also wanted one that meant no changing the paper roll half way through an event.”

The 750 6×4” print per roll capacity of the new CP-M1E met this need, and its smaller size has saved on kiosk and print station build costs. “The speed and quality of printing are excellent”, Tim added. “We can offer a range of print sizes and the printer has more features for a lower cost. The improved media capabilities mean more choice of products for the customer, and more sales.”

Photo robots don’t replace photographers – they are a step up from photo booths for events and will happily work alongside humans.

Tim says that Mitsubishi Electric’s active field sales and service helped clinch the deal to switch to the CP-M1E for future developments. “I have relied on them for some time with no issues. I did not want to look at any other manufacturer and risk reliability. The guys came out and demonstrated the new CP-M1E and I was immediately impressed, I went with it.”

To find out how a new robot member of your photographic team could boost your profits, contact: e: info@servicerobots.com w: www.servicerobots.com t: 01384 389 317

You can find much more on the whole Mitsubishi printing range at www.mitsubishielectric-printing.com Or contact: t: 07341 808 590 e: VIS.mailing@meuk.mee.com