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Dimitris Evlampidis

Events Photographer of the Year 2013

Dimitris Evlampidis

Winner: Dimitris Evlampidis

An image that shows multi layers of a family enjoying a special time and captures the emotions of that family at this emotive time.

Usually during a baptism the priest pushes the little baby into the water and the poor baby immediately starts crying. This is very hard for the mother who usually becomes very emotional. This particular baby was a very happy little girl who couldn’t understand what was happening. During the baptism and moments before the baby was pushed into the water, the mother was trying to get the baby’s attention by singing. She was almost in tears! However the baby saw her mother and smiled to her before looking down and trying to figure out what was happening! It was a very sweet moment that Dimitris tried to capture, focusing on the mother and her emotional response to her baby’s baptism.

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Dimitris Evlampidis
Mark Jones The Societies’ Representative with Dimitris Evlampidis

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Dimitris Evlampidis
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