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Jon Cohen

Lifetime Achievement Award

Juliet Jones The Societies’ Managing Director says, “How do you describe this person? They are quiet, but they like to have a drink and a good party, they have given many an hour to photographers and other photographic business within our industry and I am sure they have helped more than a good share of photographers become successful in business today. Our recipient has been in the industry since 1978 completed a degree, which was not in photography, then he found himself needing a job. He went to work for Foxall and Chapman and they say he started from the bottom and worked his way up to Sales Manager then started at Fujifilm in the early 80’s and has worked up to the position he is in the company now.”

Glenys and George Dawber from Photo Training Overseas say the following, “We have known Jon from his early days at Fuji when he worked under the legendary Graham Rutherford, Jon has continued with his support for Photo Training Overseas recognising the value and exceptional benefits for professional and non-professional photographers that this annual event has. His support has been unbending through thick and thin and we for one owe a massive debt to this caring sharing person”

Catherine Connor from Aspire Training says “Jon Cohen has had a remarkable influence on all that Aspire is today and how it was founded. I would like to pay a huge gratitude for the opportunities Jon has given myself and the team. He deserved this accolade, he I know will be thinking WHY ME? And that’s every reason WHY HIM. Jon plays an active role in the industry, not only does he inspire those he works with, he pioneers the industry in a manner of which ensures all in the industry benefit. I feel I do have to say also he is a devil on the dance floor, a mischief maker and a plotter of fun!”

 Jon Cohen
Phil Jones Societies’ CEO with Jon Cohen