20x16 Print Competition - Rules

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Entry Rules

  • Entrant must have solely captured and created the original photographic exposure. (Strictly no images created using AI software are permitted)
  • Images must have been taken within 36 months of the competition date.
  • Images must be received by The Societies on or before March 1st 2023. Images received after this date will not be entered, and no refund will be issued.
  • Each image must be mounted.
  • All entries must be 20×16 inches inclusive of the mount.
  • The metric equivalent 50x40cm is also accepted.
  • In the case of single aperture entries the image within the mount must have one side of at least 10 inches (254 mm). If the aperture is circular/irregular the image must measure 10 inches in diameter (across the centre of the image).
  • In the case of multiple apertures with the mount each image must have one side of at least 2 inches and the apertures must total a minimum of 10 inches as a cohesive image. If the aperture is circular/irregular the image must measure 2 inches in diameter (across the middle)
  • Each image must have its application form secured to its back in the correct orientation.
  • Entrants must include sub-categories on their application form.
  • Entrants may enter as many images as they wish in any category.
  • The entrant must have solely created and captured the original exposure.
  • All digital manipulation must have been performed by the entrant or under strict guidance from them.
  • Any images that violate copyright, trademark or any other applicable law will be disqualified.
  • All wedding entries must be from commissioned weddings, with real couples, where the entrant was the principle professional photographer and must have been taken on the day the register was signed.
  • All entries into the Nouveau Category must be submitted by authors who have not entered any image into The Societies 20×16″ Print Competition since it began.
  • First time entrants may enter images into any of the categories listed, and may enter as many images as they like into the Nouveau category or any other.
  • The entrant’s name, or any other distinguishing marks, must not appear on the face of the image.
  • No entry will be eligible that has been made with assistance from or under guidance from, a third party such as an event organiser, venue owner, another photographer or instructor.
  • No image that receives a Merit in the 20×16″ Print Competition may be entered into The Societies of Photographers Monthly Image Competition in the same year.
  • No identical images may be entered into multiple categories.
  • Any entry which has been reproduced from an existing photograph, portrait, graphic or any other artwork produced by another person is a violation of the competition rules and will be disqualified.
  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to obtain any and all permissions, including the model release/and or Copyright owner’s permission
  • Entrants agree that any photograph entered may be used by The Societies of Photographers and or Professional Imagemaker in any of the publications, printed materials, or electronic media. Also, the image may be used for promotional use by The Societies of Photographers (B.P.P.A Limited), unless otherwise agreed.

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