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Don’t miss out on the chance to start off the year with inspiration from some of the world’s most successful photographers.

Business School 2022 – Wednesday 16th March

Back by popular demand! The Societies’ Business School has created an amazing reputation and is an intrinsic part of the annual Convention. All delegates who attend leave with a wealth of information to plough straight back into their businesses. The theme of the Business School in 2022 is business development and growth – how to best manage your business with creativity being the consistent thread that runs through the programme. The school will be hosted and steered by Gillian Devine, one of the most motivational speakers and one who has a great reputation for designing and influencing some of the most successful businesses within our industry.

This highly-focused, power-packed business school has been designed to bring you successful professional photographers who have taken their business to the next level. They will share with you their thoughts and secrets of their business.


9:00-10:00 – Gillian Devine – Branding for Business Success and Profit

Gillian DevinePhotographers, let me help you identify and build your own brand, to enable you to stand out, attract the right clients and build a more memorable, joyful and profitable business

Everyday photographers make the mistake that costs them clients and money
They don’t have a clearly defined brand and message. They are inconsistent in their brand messaging, they aren’t clear about their brand, what makes it different and why clients should choose them. They don’t connect deeply with their ideal clients, and clearly convey the uniqueness of their brand and the benefits of using their services and products.  As photographers we hide behind the lens, but the key to successful marketing is enabling your clients to get to know like and trust you – showing you, your personality, your face, your brand, your values is a crucial part of that.    Today, I am going to help you stop missing this important part of having a profitable and successful business and enable you to create the starting steps to a strong and memorable brand which attracts clients to you,  like bees to honey.


10:30-11:30 – Amber Leach – How to automise your business to save time and make money

Amber LeachWhen Amber Leach, the founder of the multi-award winning Liberty Pearl Photo & Film Collective, started her wedding photography business in 2013, and it grew very fast, she quickly became overwhelmed with replying to and following up enquiry emails, keeping multiple calendars up to date, creating and sending out booking forms and client questionnaires and keeping on top of invoicing and contracts.  She thought she was starting a new career as a photographer, not an office manager!

When you start a business, you don’t even know which types of invoices and payment plans you will be sending to clients, let alone how often you should be sending chasing emails, or how many folders you will need to file all your client documents and contracts. Then comes the tax return?!

In her talk, Amber will take you through the simple steps she took to fully automate her business to save precious time and make more money. Workflow management and organisation has been the key factor to enable Amber to build a reputable photography business and brand which has grown to include a team of six other professional female photographers and videographers.  She will share how by using an online CRM system she has created an automated library of customisable email templates, follow-up emails, invoices with automated payment plans, which have revolutionised the way she runs her business and increased her turnover.

The great news is, once you begin automating every area of your business, your life will become much easier, you can spread your income out throughout the year at the click of a button, increase your print and album sales by £1000’s, and help save the planet by going paperless.

Automating your business will give you the confidence to take time away from the office knowing that your business is ticking along nicely in the background, so you can increase the number of bookings you take, start that creative project that keeps getting pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list, or simple have time off spend with your family and friends.


12:00-13:00 – Jeff Brown – How to Make A Lot of Money and Build a Premium Photography Brand Using LinkedIn in 2022

Jeff BrownWith over 670 million users, LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network on the planet, vastly underused and misunderstood by most photographers.

In this talk, Jeff will give a complete understanding of how the LinkedIn algorithm operates, and to provide a hands-on demonstration of how to fully optimise your LinkedIn profile, to attract more clients and stand out as the “Go-To Photographer” in your niche.

If you’re not using LinkedIn as one of your essential marketing tools to promote your photography business, then you are missing out on a goldmine of opportunity. Unlike many of the other social media platforms, LinkedIn does not require the investment of paid advertising to grow a huge following or drive a ton of engagement to your content.

All that is required is to succeed is consistency. Investing just 45minutes to an hour per day can soon start delivering amazing results that will help you grow your brand, build your authority and drive leads into your inbox without a penny spent on paid advertising.

No matter what your photography specialisation, LinkedIn is the platform for business growth and your ticket to becoming a thought leader and influencer in your industry.

From boudoir to weddings, pets to portraiture and headshots to commercial photography, LinkedIn has a place for your business and a space to be filled in the influencer market if you have the passion to commit to making it happen.

In this information packed seminar, Jeff will cover the essentials that most photographers are missing out on, and the majority of your competitors simply don’t understand.

Why your Photography Business can’t afford to be missing out on LinkedIn
The importance of going niche for success
How to really appeal to your ideal client and get noticed
Creating an attention-grabbing profile that shows up in the searches
Why most photographers fail to make a penny from LinkedIn
The seven mistakes NOT to make when building a profile on LinkedIn
How to build a following fast and grow fans who love your content
What to post, how to post and when to post content for maximum engagement
The secrets to using the right hashtag to attract tones of likes, shares and comments
Why selling on LinkedIn doesn’t work, but social selling is guaranteed to you paying clients
How to attract and convert clients with a simple 4-step messaging sequence.

This is probably one of the best business marketing steps you’ll take in 2022. Walk into the seminar without a clue about LinkedIn and leave knowing more than your competitors ever will.


14:00-15:00 – David Hakamaki – Stop Starving – Making Money in Photography

David HakamakiYou can take great photos, but do you know how or where to sell them? Most photographers struggle with making photography their primary source of income. Whether it be positioning, booking, sales skills or product pricing, photographers need to have a complete mastery of the business side of their Photography business, David Hakamaki shares tips on pricing, offering unique products that sell, and techniques to help you increase your sales. David brings skills and techniques learned from the business world into photography that will make you much more confident, competitive and skilled at maximizing sales from your photography.


15:30-16:00 – Matt Clark ACII – Your Business Resilience – the Aaduki Way

Matt Clark ACII•    Business interruption insurance – simplified
•    Business continuity – planned
•    Cyber vulnerability – resolved
Photography is all about being in the right place at the right time.  So if there’s a spanner in the works which prevents this, it’s likely to impact your income: a flood at the studio, a hack, a data breach, a transport strike. That’s why it’s important to have a Business Continuity Plan.  This session will help you put a plan in place to minimise the impact of disruption and get you back up and running fast – as well as building financial resilience through business interruption insurance. 


16:30-17:30 – John Nassari – How to market to your ideal client and supercharge your business

John NassariWith 15 years of wedding photography, and over 500 weddings, John will talk about how he took his brand from nothing to a high end, high profile reputation.
John believes that a number of marketing strategies are crucial in having a successful wedding brand. He will share his mistakes and his multilayered approach, so you can supercharge your business.

Areas covered:
-Style shoots
-How to get bookings
-How to reach your ideal client.
-Networking/Style shoots/Venues/Planners -Wedding shows/Albums -Exhibitions/publications -Personal work.

17:30-18:00 – Gillian Devine- Final session and Q&A

Join Gillian for the final session of The Societies’ 2022 Business School.

In this session Gillian will be reviewing the day and taking the final questions and answers.


Members – £120
Non-Members – £150

Ticket price includes:
Sandwich pack-up lunch (sandwich, salad, soft drink, confectionary and item of fruit).

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